Haircuts for long face 2022 for men

Not all haircuts are going to favor us no matter how much we like them or are trending, so that to look good with a specific haircut you will need to know what type of features you have and from there choose between the different cuts that best suit them. On this occasion, we show you what are the best haircuts for long faces 2022 for men.

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Haircuts for long faces 2022 for men

If you have a long face, you should choose among the best haircuts for men according to your type of face, which will be marked by long features in which the forehead, cheekbones, and also the chin may stand out for what it will be good to choose cuts that serve to compensate for that verticality that your face has.

In this way, if you are looking for haircuts that favor you, the best ones and that are currently setting trends, are these:

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Haircut with “fade cut” or degraded sides

Haircuts in gradient or “fade cut” style are a trend in 2022, so take advantage and sign up to wear it since they will favor you a lot in the case of having an elongated face. The why is easy to understand. In this type of cut, a gradient sensation is created from top to bottom, which allows the hair to be lowered in parts on the sides, thus preventing the face from being as framed as when you simply shave the sides and also , you achieve greater harmony for your features.

Fade Cut and Side Combed

If, in addition to choosing a gradient cut, you bet on leaving a greater amount of hair in the central part (as if you were going to wear a toupee) and comb it to the side, you will achieve that part of the forehead is slightly hidden and you will also break the verticality that mark your factions. This is also a type of cut and hairstyle that is very fashionable in 2022.

Crew cut haircut

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The haircut called “crew cut” is a type of haircut that is characterized by being shorter at the back but with hardly any difference from the front and the sides. In this way, you achieve a certain imbalance in the hair, but in order to be able to harmonize all the lines that mark or surround the head. In this way, in the case of having elongated features, this type of cut will allow you to make the whole face look much more harmonious.

In addition, we add a small note and that is that if you leave a bit of a beard, you will be able to unify the features with the haircut and with it, the whole outfit will look a little rounder.

Haircut with long bangs

Haircuts that play with bangs are also a success if you have elongated features, since thanks to them you can “break” the verticality of your face, but also, you will get all the attention go to the hair You can also pair this haircut with a short beard, to look even more stylish as pictured.

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Haircut “brush up”

The “brush up” style haircut is a type of haircut that was popular a couple of years ago and is back in trend, but it is also perfect for men with long faces. This is a type of cut in which the central hair is worn as if it had just been brushed, creating a type of mess in the hair that will bring more harmony to the “hardness” of your face.

Buzz cut or shaved hair

The “buzz” cut or shaved haircut is a type of cut that sets trends and that men with long features can take advantage of, since if you eliminate a large part of your hair, you will be able to mark more the factions so that they do not look so elongated and more square. Also if you add a beard, you will make the whole set more harmonious.

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Undercut haircut with raised central part

Haircuts that are “undercut”, that is to say that they appear with the sides shorter than the central part, are also a good option in the case of having elongated features and more if you leave the central part much longer In this way, raise it as if you were going to make a quiff with it since this type of cut and hairstyle allows a man’s long face to appear smaller than its actual size.

It’s a unique haircut that every man with a long face can adapt. In this hairstyle, the sides of the head are slightly undercut to make the features more prominent. The upper hair of the head can be combed and “blown up” with the help of a hair dryer, and then apply a styling product or gel to fix the hairstyle you get.

Textured cut with bangs for curly hair

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If you have a face with long features and fine curly hair, you can make the whole look harmonized by cutting your hair in a textured style as per the latest trends, adding a bit of bangs to frame it. better face.

Long cut with parting in the middle

Are you more of a minimalist when it comes to your hair? If you have a long face and straight hair, try leaving your hair longer and part it to one side. A cut that is somehow inspired by the “grunge” haircuts of the 90s that will allow you to harmonize your features with respect to the hair.

Short and spiky hair

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Finally, a cut that you may not think is going to look good on you since it is characterized by having spiky hair, but the truth is that it is not like that. If you bet on a short haircut and a spiky hairstyle, you will ensure that all the attention falls precisely on the hair and also that your features are slightly rounded, so do not hesitate, and also bet on this type of cut.

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