Emporio Armani sunglasses

In Modaellos we are already preparing for summer and although we have seen many of the 2012 summer fashion collections, you cannot miss the complements and accessories and in the case of sunglasses, one of the brands that surely has a greater variety of models will be Emporio Armani.

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Emporio Armani Glasses stand out for having a good number of varied designs, among which we must mention somewhat classic models, models that follow trends and even models that are very modern and that we can classify as “futuristic”.

Emporio Armani, the young line of Giorgio Armani:

  • If the Emporio Armani line stands out for something, it is for having collections of both clothing and accessories that are very youthful and urban, and perhaps for this reason, when it comes to glasses, we have designs that we can combine mainly with clothes that are “trendy” or with a rather informal style.
  • In addition, at Emporio Armani we can also find some products that belong to the most expensive lines of the firm, such as Armani Exchange, as well as others that are somewhat cheaper, such as Armani Jeans, so in the case of sunglasses we have to say that we also have those models or designs that are also sold both to wear with an elegant style as well as for the “look” that I mentioned before and more intended for young people.

The sunglasses of the Italian firm actually have a design that is quite their own, and although many of their models are based on frames that we can find in many other firms, they have known how to add their “touch” to each one from them.

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Emporio Armani sunglasses models:

    Retro glasses: Retro glasses have returned with great force this 2012 and in the case of Emporio Armano models, we have to talk about models that have fairly simple frames with a combination of colors, as we see in the image in black and navy blue, and that takes us back to the style or “look” of the 50s or 60s.

  • Patterned glasses: On the other hand, patterns are the main stars of fashion in the summer of 2012, so they could not be missing in the case of sunglasses either. Among the Emporio Armani models, all those that have the famous “animal print” pattern stand out and that, although it has been a hit among women, men can also wear it without any problem and also combine them with summer suits.

  • Modern glasses: Glasses with a more modern design are also present among the Emporio Armani models. And in fact we can say that they are perhaps the models that stand out the most since they have designs in which we will find frames where the glass or lens is much larger than normal and above all models that even look like a screen.

  • If you like sunglasses with such a striking style and that can cover practically your entire face, you cannot miss, among the modern models, those that have a sporty frame that also highlights colors that, although they can be somewhat complicated when combining them with clothes, they will allow you to look this summer with very, very original models.

I leave you photos of the Emporio Armani sunglasses:

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I leave you now a video of the latest Emporio Armani 2012 collection:

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