Distressed jeans: what to do to give them more color

Is there anything more classic than a pair of jeans? While it is true that blue can dominate the spectrum of colors in this very classic garment, it is possible to opt for other shades with which to add a bit of color depending on the season in which we find ourselves. However, there is nothing worse when we discover that our beloved jeans are beginning to show some signs that could indicate that, perhaps, it is time to change them. This is what happens, for example, with worn-out jeans. Therefore, what can we do when it comes to taking care of their color, and prevent them from wearing out quickly?

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Often we use any clothes, with the passage of time it is normal that they tend to lose the charm they had when we put them on for the first time. They may have been damaged or worn. Or perhaps they have ended up becoming so familiar hanging in the closet that we end up not even seeing them in our day to day, so we end up ignoring them. This is even more common when our closet is full of clothes.

As it definitely happens with any article of clothing, as time goes by, jeans or jeans can be damaged. And they can not only look worn. Holes can also appear in really uncomfortable places (such as the crotch), the button or zipper can end up coming loose… or even certain stains can end up damaging the fabric enormously.

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Why do jeans wear out?

The washing process

There are several causes that, directly, can end up influencing the wear of our precious and delicate jeans. The most common? The use of the washing machine. And it is that the washing machine, with the passage of time, not only tends to modify the color of both the fabric of the jeans and the fiber.

Also, the constant movement of the machine during the common washing process can cause the fabric to wear out.

The solution is actually simple: wash your jeans by hand, and above all, with cold water. In addition, it is also essential to use a detergent that is more respectful of the fabric, and that ultimately helps to maintain the color.

Even when we do it by hand, it can also happen that we are washing them excessively. That is to say, that we are washing our beloved jeans too often.

Experts advise, in fact, to only wash jeans 2 to 3 times a year at most. Therefore, starting from this base, it is best to try to wash them as little as possible.

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Also, if the jeans are not that dirty but have some wrinkles, instead of proceeding to wash them what we can do is give them a quick steam. It will also help to get rid of any kind of unpleasant pain.

And if the jeans have a bad smell, these same experts advise something less curious: either hang them outdoors, or put them in the freezer for a few hours. Why? Very simple: low temperatures kill bacteria; and, in addition, they keep the condition of the jeans intact, as if we were wearing them all over again.

They also offer another curious tip: leave them hanging in the bathroom while we shower. In this way, we will get them to soak up both the smell of the gel and the steam from the hot water.

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Be careful with the dryer

If in addition to washing them regularly in the washing machine, you have the habit of using the dryer to dry them, we find ourselves with a circle that is as negative as it is dangerous for the health of the fabric of our jeans.

And it is that while the continuous and constant movement of the washing machine can cause wear on the fabric, the dryer will also end up damaging the fibers present in the fabric.

Therefore, as we have seen, we could summarize some useful tips below that will be of enormous help when it comes to taking care of your favorite jeans:

  • Wash less, if possible only once or twice a year.
  • Turn them over before washing them, and also during the drying process (never putting them directly in the sun).
  • Avoid dryers, being more appropriate to dry alone in the open air.
  • If possible, wash them by hand in cold water.

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