The scooters, the must-have of the season

Scooters are the most fashionable vehicle in the city due to the speed and ease with which you can park . If we add to this that it has become another complement to men’s outfits, we find ourselves before the must-have of the season.

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Scooters are in fashion and it is not something that we say, it is that many celebrities choose two-wheeled vehicles instead of the typical car to run their errands, go out or even mislead the press. Some time ago we were able to see multiple photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on a motorcycle, Orlando Bloom is also motorized, Hugh Jackman on a Harley Davidson, Tom Cruise or Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield (image).

The motorcycles and scooters finish putting the final point to the masculine outfit. There are even designers who have included in their proposals all the necessary accessories to enjoy a motorcycle ride; Louis Vuitton already did it a few years ago, the Catalan firm HelmetDress designed haute couture covers for helmets last year, so we have glamor and security in the same proposal.

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Although you can look incredibly attractive riding a scooter, there are other reasons that make these two-wheelers one of the most interesting options for lovers of the city. We all know that it is complex to navigate traffic at certain times and with a scooter it is very simple, it allows you to pick up speed and move in the same efficient way as with a vehicle, but what has always been most interesting to me is the ease with which you can park, without having to go round and round looking for a space.

If we add to this that insurance costs tend to be more affordable, we are facing a most interesting trend. If you are still not sure, on the Mutua’s website you can get an idea of ​​the promotions and discounts that insurers offer as practical advice on how to bring a companion on your scooter that may come in handy, just click here.
In addition, there are so many scooter options that you have at your disposal that you can find the one that suits both your style and your needs, from the mythical Vespa to motorcycles with more contemporary designs.

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