Bichectomy in Men: Before and After Photos and Price

Plump cheeks work for some people, but for many others it is annoying . Many of these people want to sculpt their faces through a cheek reduction, also called Bichectomy or buccal fat removal for men and which is perhaps one of the most requested body and facial aesthetic treatments for men in recent times. If you are interested in knowing more about this cheek reduction or, in fact, this elimination of the fat that you may have accumulated, we explain everything about bichectomy in men: Before and After Photos and price.

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Bichectomy in men:

This is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess buccal fat found in a specific area of ​​the cheek, the result is thinner cheeks, a more contoured face, and a sculpted look that reveals natural cheekbones.

Buccal Fat Removal for Men aims to remove excess fat from the cheeks in male patients with round, plump cheeks, or those simply seeking a more defined appearance. Mouth pads are areas of fat on the lower cheeks that can occur due to genetic disposition or simply being overweight, and can cause unwanted “cheek squirrels” in certain male patients.

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Benefits of undergoing a bichectomy

Some of the benefits of bichectomy or buccal fat removal in men are:

  • Buccal fat removal for men removes excess fat from chubby cheeks
  • Results in thinner, more defined cheeks (an improved appearance)
  • In general, it improves self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Involves short surgery, little bruising, and short downtime
  • No facial scars or external incisions on the face.
  • Achieve a more sculpted and balanced facial appearance.

How is the bichectomy carried out

The entire bichectomy procedure is performed inside the mouth and only takes about 30 to 60 minutes. First, a local anesthetic is administered to numb the area. A small incision is then made, and the surgeon gently removes the buccal fat pads. Once removed, the incisions are sutured with dissolvable stitches. For men, other facial cosmetic procedures can be performed at the same time as buccal fat removal.

Who is a good candidate for bichectomy?

Not recommended for men who already have a thin or narrow face, as it can lead to a haggard appearance with age. This procedure is best suited for men who have excessive fullness in the lower cheeks, a round face, chubby cheeks, or “squirrel cheeks.” During your initial consultation, your doctor will determine if buccal fat removal is right for you.

The best age to undergo bichectomy surgery may vary depending on the patient. This procedure is generally not recommended for men whose faces have not fully developed. A fully developed face helps the doctor determine the correct amount of fat to remove. In general, this surgery is designed to achieve a more sculpted facial appearance.

How is the recovery?

You can expect the following once you have had your bugectomy and you must follow the instructions given when you return home:

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  • Some swelling, bruising, numbness and discomfort is normal and to be expected.
  • Cold compresses and oral pain relievers will easily control your discomfort.
  • All swelling resolves on its own within a few weeks as healing progresses.
  • You should rest at night with your head elevated for a few weeks.
  • Plan a restricted diet as follows: avoid all raw foods (risk of bacteria) and be sure to wash all raw fruits and vegetables well. You will want liquid or soft food for a few days.
  • You will be given a special antibacterial mouthwash to use throughout the day for several days.
  • Keep your tongue away from the incision sites inside your mouth.
  • Avoid all strenuous activity until healing is complete
  • Sutures usually dissolve on their own within 7 to 10 days.

All healing takes time and cannot be rushed. It may take several weeks before all the swelling is gone and you see the final results.

Bichectomy in men: Before and After Photos

If you are thinking of undergoing a bugectomy, we have already explained how this intervention is carried out, but you may just be convinced if we show you before and after photos with the results. Photos that, as you can see, belong to facial clinics that offer this type of treatment, so they are completely real.

Instagram: @dr.allysonfonseca

Instagram: @dra.ruthsancheza

Instagram: @iam_proveedores

Photo: Instagram @mayeva.unidad.quirurgica

Instagram: @iam_proveedores

Instagram: @iam_proveedores

Instagram: @mouth fat removal

Instagram: @dr.migueltasayco

Bichectomy in men: Price

Facial bichectomy in men is an increasingly demanded treatment since, as you have been able to verify with the photos above, the results are more than evident. Regarding the prices, it can vary a lot from the clinic or also from the type of process that is carried out for the intervention, but to give you an approximate idea, we can tell you that a bichectomy in Spain usually has a cost of around 1,700 euros.

You already know everything about what it is, how it is carried out, the price and the results of undergoing this intervention that is increasingly requested by all kinds of men, but if you want to know more about treatments for men, we recommend the following items:

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