Clothes for chubby boys for this spring summer 2022

If you are looking for the best in children’s fashion, you may not know if there are specific brands for children that They are too big or children wearing sizes larger than their intended age. A situation in which many times people resort to buying adult sizes but sometimes children do not like it too much, therefore, we review the best in children’s fashion and we show you the best clothing proposals for chubby children for this season. spring summer 2022.

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Clothes for chubby men is something easy to find today, thanks to some brands that specifically launch collections with large sizes, but in the case of having a son who wears a large size or, in fact, who wears size that does not correspond to their age, there comes a time when we have to start looking at those clothes for adults that often have prints or designs that are not to the child’s liking. If you have a child of, for example, 5 years old and he is older than his age, you can always buy him clothes for older children, but what if he is already 12 or 13 years old but needs larger sizes from 14 to 16 years old? Let’s see what we can find.

Clothes for chubby children for this spring summer 2022 | T-shirts

We start talking about t-shirts since they are the ones that mark, in a way, the spring-summer season. These are presented within children’s fashion, with various prints and designs that the little ones will surely love and in the event that you have children who wear a large size or who are somewhat “over” their “usual” weight, you can choose brands like Kiabi who usually carves with a lot of variety. Even for small children, since their clothes from 2-3 years old have a few centimeters more to fit both very skinny children and slightly chubby children, it is what Kiabi “size +” consists of increasing a few centimeters, the pattern of their proposals. In the case of t-shirts we can find varied models like these that we leave you below with designs full of very summery prints, those that have animals or those dedicated to the world of video games or manga.

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Kiabi Jurassic World T-shirt

Kiabi Manga T-shirt

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Kiabi Nintendo T-shirt

Kiabi Space Jam T-shirt

Are you looking for basic t-shirts? Kiabi has many models, but also H&M, which has sizes for children up to 18 years of age. In this way, there is nothing like choosing between these models that, as you will see, are more spacious.

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Kiabi White T-shirt

Kiabi Green T-shirt

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In the case of H&M, you can also choose models that are sold in packs of both three t-shirts and five t-shirts.

Pack 3 H&M t-shirts

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Pack 5 H&M t-shirts

Within the t-shirts section, we want to talk about polo shirts, which are the ones that set the trend when you want your children to dress a little more formal. Kiabi thus presents designs with a mandarin-style round neck and pique fabric, in various colours.

Kiabi blue piqué polo shirt

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Kiabi yellow piqué polo shirt

Kiabi gray piqué polo shirt

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Or also C&A polo shirts, another store where you will find larger sizes so that children of all ages can wear them and which have a classic design, with two buttons and prints such as stripes or those sold in packs .

Striped C&A polo shirt

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C&A polo shirt in pack of 2

Clothes for chubby children for this spring summer 2022 | Pants

As for pants, again we have to talk about brands like Kiabi. In this case, you can find models of pants both long and of the Bermuda type, which have more waist centimeters and which also have an inner elastic with buttons, so that you can adjust that waist to that of your child regardless of whether, for example, She is 10 years old and has a small waist or is bigger.

Kiabi linen and cotton trousers

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Kiabi jean trousers

Kiabi jogger pants

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Apart from trousers, such as the linen, joggers or jeans that we have shown you, Kiabi also has a selection of bermuda shorts, perfect for this spring-summer 2022 season since they are presented in basic colors such as blue or the khaki with cargo design.

Blue cotton Bermuda shorts

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Green cotton Bermuda shorts

Don’t miss the C&A pants either, with models like the linen pants that are also “genderless”, that is, both for boys and girls.

C&A linen pants

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Or also the C&A bermuda shorts with a “denim” design or those that have some prints and are sporty in style.

C&A denim shorts

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C&A sports printed Bermuda shorts

Don’t forget the H&M pants. We can find those that are made of linen or jeans like those already seen from other brands, but in this particular brand, we also want to highlight the bermuda shorts, with designs such as the Texan bermuda shorts or the one that is plush and sporty in style. The ones that children like the most that have a slightly longer and wider design, as much as set the latest trends, but which is also perfect for larger children.

H&M sports shorts

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H&M long sports Bermuda shorts

Texan shorts H&M

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Clothes for chubby children for this spring summer 2022 | Swimsuits

Finally, and this being the spring-summer 2022 season, we cannot forget those that are proposals for swimsuits also for chubby children. Do not miss out on some of the models of swimsuits for children with the most varied prints and colors.

H&M printed swimsuit

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H&M palm tree print swimsuit

Playstation H&M print swimsuit

At Kiabi you also have models of swimsuits for children of all ages and sizes. With designs more of the short type and prints that are very fashionable.

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Spider Man Kiabi swimsuit

Jurassic World swimsuit Green Kiabi

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Jurassic World Kiabi swimsuit

Within the fashion of El Corte Inglés for this summer season 2022 we can also find models of swimsuits that have larger sizes for children. These are some models.

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Palm tree print swimsuit El Corte Inglés

Star swimsuit El Corte Inglés

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Indian print swimsuit El Corte Inglés

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