Men’s Suits Trends Spring Summer 2015

Men are a public that, generally, are neglected when it comes to fashion, which is why in Fashion They always want keep up to date, hence our persistence, always, in looking for men’s fashion trends for the coming seasons. This has led us to the trends in suits for spring-summer 2015. Elegance on hot days!

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Trends in suits for men in Spring-Summer 2015

Led Zeppelin already said it: “Sing loud for the sunshine, pray hard for the rain“. And we want to get wet to present you the trends with which to conquer the spring and summer season in 2015 suits I have to tell you that double-breasteds, stripes are popular, but above all, color is popular (as is logical in these seasons). ) and patterns.

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And we will not only find colors in jackets and pants, in which micro-patterns are also a trend, the polo shirts and shirts with which we combine the suits are also committed to attracting attention with color this spring season -summer 2015.

As for trend tones for this spring-summer 2015, nothing like betting on white, blue, but also camel and even the softest pink prevails. Patterned? Also, and we have the one with stripes or the one with pictures standing out, but we cannot forget the one with flowers either.

Now I want you to take a basketball, soccer ball, a towel or a surfboard. You will see how you have never been so comfortable as with a suit. Enjoy your suit in 2014 at all times. Take the test.

These are the suits that we have selected for this new Spring-Summer 2015 season:

Zara cotton ramie suit

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Mango Blue Suit

Next Check Suit

Gucci Flower Suits

Asos Two Color Suit

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Beymen Double Color Suits

Emidio Tucci Navy Blue Suit

Gucci double-breasted pinstripe suit

Dolce & Gabbana double-breasted beige linen blazer

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Tom Ford pink linen suit

Armani Printed Silk Suit

Ermenegildo Zegna suit with micro print

Ralph Lauren Purple Label beige double-breasted suit

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Beige Prada suit with patch pockets

Beige cotton Hackett suit

The choice of the best suit, how to know how to wear it is very important. Therefore:

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