Chris Hemsworth’s Best Looks

Since there are no two without three, we had to complete our trio of Marvel guys in style. So, after showing you all the Michael B. Jordan looks and Tom Holland looks, it’s time to dress like a god. Specifically, as an Asgardian. Here are the best looks from Chris Hemsworth, undoubtedly one of the most attractive men on the planet.

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The best looks of Chris Hemsworth

Talking about Chris Hemsworth’s best looks is talking about almost all of his looks. Legend has it that the last time something went wrong, it was still paid in pesetas in Spain.

The hanger that this Australian Thor wears is perfect. To her always ideal hair, her blue eyes, her cherubic face and her great body like a Nordic god, she adds a sympathy that makes you fall in love as soon as she opens her mouth. But beware, don’t let anyone think that her clueless and sarcastic air makes her outfits random. Not much less. Since Elsa Pataky entered his life almost 10 years ago, his style has been refined, becoming one of the most elegant men in the world.

Analyzing Chris Hemsworth’s best looks, we will show you his secrets, his tricks and how to try (and fail) to be as handsome as he is.

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We start, of course, with the classic Chris Hemsworth style. Without a doubt, the most recognizable look of the Australian actor. Jeans, V-neck shirt and jacket. The color of the three elements usually varies, but you have to try to match them. Of course, the white shirt never fails and it is clear, as we will see, that navy blue is its wild card colour. Even jeans, black, which with blue might not match, look great on her.

Now, whoever thinks that everything is because of the clothes, is wrong. There’s a lot more to analyze in Chris Hemsworth’s best looks

Which of the two is the real Thor? The one on the right, for the clueless. Again, canonical look made in Hemsworth. Black jeans, black V-neck t-shirt and gray jacket. Perfect. Not even Thor from Hacendado himself overshadows him. Now, two details of the actor’s look. His short waxed hair seems disheveled but is perfectly styled. The same goes for his beard, cared for down to the last hair and always ideal for any event.

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What’s on the red carpet? In this case, we change jeans for suit pants, a white t-shirt for a shirt and look great and show off Elsa Pataky. In this case, he has opted again for the navy blue that suits him so well. And no, it is not common for Chris Hemsworth’s best looks to include ties. Let’s not forget that he is Australian and a surfer, he likes freedom.

If the event is near the sea and the weather allows it, there is nothing like leaving your jacket at the hotel and looking great in a classic white shirt. Of course, always rolled up. However, this photo gives rise to commenting on two other common wildcards of Chris Hemsworth’s best looks: the glasses and the watch. Rare will be the photo in which you see the actor without a watch. Always XL size, matching his arm, and very manly. And the glasses? Aviator model. A classic.

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Yes, he’s wearing a tie here, but due to script requirements. And yes, it looks great on her. Among Chris Hemsworth’s best looks we have to mention the campaign he did for Hugo Boss. His posters caused tachycardia. Two-piece charcoal gray suit, white shirt and thin black tie. The hair and beard? As always, ideal. Of course, this photo also reveals another of his great jokers to look perfect: the big rings.

We said it, as soon as he can, he takes off his tie. Second promotional photo of his campaign for Hugo Boss and second photo for a poster. Yes, the shirt is about to burst, but shirts are not made for those arms forged in an Australian steel mill. Clearly, the white shirt always works, right?

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Bad Times at the Royale has been one of its latest releases. Here, obviously, the look is secondary. We want to show that a toned and athletic body always helps to make any outfit look better. We are not saying that you get like him, but Chris Hemsworth’s best looks are, in large part, because of that great body that he shows off. Surfing, boxing and swimming, his great passions.

And what do you say about this Ibizan look? It’s a still from one of his upcoming releases and we’re already looking forward to seeing more. Pink pleated pants, light blue shirt, rolled up as always. It doesn’t fail. And, of course, his inseparable aviator glasses, to give a rougher and more manly look. Would anyone say no if invited to come on board?

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When Hollywood is the one who puts you on a white shirt and tie, it’s because the tie and white shirt look really good on you. This still from Men In Black: International has caused a sensation all over the world. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, two of the most desired in the industry, will share the spotlight in this reboot of the franchise. It goes without saying that black suits with a tie and white shirt will be a trend again.

We finish with a manual total black look that sneaks in among Chris Hemsworth’s best looks. The actor not only dares with a black suit and shirt, but the suit is velvet and has drawn borders. Who doesn’t risk, doesn’t win, and Chris Hemsworth here played it and won everyone. By the way, another detail of her look: the bracelets. Jewelery not too expensive but that gives, again, a masculine touch to the outfit.

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For those who don’t know who the guy next door is, it’s Taika Waititi, director of Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth’s most successful film, as the main character. At least that’s what the $853 million it grossed worldwide says so. That box office is also included in Chris Hemsworth’s best looks

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