What to wear on a first date

The first impression is essential, especially on A FIRST DATE. We must carefully choose the clothes we are going to wear, our hairstyle and even, why not?, our makeup, to dazzle our date and leave her speechless. Therefore, I am going to give you the best looks, so that you take note, and the person you meet wants to have a second date. To fall in love has been said!

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To begin I want to ask you: is the first impression important? Are you one of those who believe that the physical attracts but the interior falls in love? Or that the first thing that enters a person and makes him attractive is his physique? I do not have a valid answer to these questions, only opinions. We will never know if the first impression is the one to fall in love with, but, just in case, I am going to give you the best style proposals for a first date.

For a first date, nor for a second third fourth…. It is not necessary to dress in a suit or tuxedo. There are thousands of perfect combinations to leave a person speechless on the first date without having to dress like a paintbrush. You don’t have to spend a fortune on our clothes to impress someone, but you do have to take into account which clothes are safe bets for a first date, such as a shirt, jeans or dress pants.

The perfect shirt for the first date

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To choose a shirt, we find a wide variety for all tastes. One of the leading shirts this 2013 are denim shirts. Like this Zara Denim Yoke Checked shirt for €29.95, a garment that has become Trendy and that we can use for the first date.

If you decide to wear the denim shirt, I recommend that you accompany it with a jean belt, that it has a wide buckle and that it is the same color as the shoes or sneakers.

The checkered shirt is also in a very important section of the collections of all the firms, especially the “low cost” ones, and for this occasion I have opted for this long-sleeved red checkered shirt from Pull & Bear from €25.99.

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If you want to go a little more formal, I bring you this elegant blue shirt from Asos for €23.63, made of cotton, it has a slim cut that will make it a bit fitted to the body.

Jeans and Pants

To dress our legs, my devotion is always jeans. And the more torn and worn out, the better, something that unsettles my mother who always blurts out: “How can you buy pants that are torn!?” But the fact that they are broken or worn does not mean that they are old, but that now it is a trend, like the hood before, that we are going to do it. The ones I have chosen are the Hollister Skinny Jeans for €74.

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Chinos are a more formal garment than jeans. You can combine them perfectly with the blue Asos shirt, which I have worn before. On this occasion I have opted for these Blue Chinos from Asos that are priced at €30.20.

As for the pants, we have already said that you can wear jean pants or something more dressy but depending on the shirt you will already know whether to choose one or the other. These are from Zara and you will find them for €39.95.

If in the end you decide to wear a suit, I advise you to choose a look that is less formal. With pants, a jacket and a shirt, but without a tie. It will give elegance to your style and will not give a feeling of formality. After all, it’s a date to enjoy, you’re not going to a job interview.

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