Bags for men? We discover the most useful ones

The truth is that I have been using a shoulder bag for about 10 years, when they began to become fashionable again in the men’s sector. Obviously it’s not the same, I’ve already changed it a few times (I don’t even remember what the first one I put on was like). And since then, I could almost say that I can’t live without it: it’s an indispensable item where I keep my mobile phone, car keys, house keys and wallet. And if you haven’t dared to wear one yet, it’s because you probably haven’t discovered its innumerable advantages.

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But don’t worry: you have an opportunity for next year (2020). And it is that, according to what we are learning about what will be a trend in men’s fashion for the next year, it seems that bags for men will once again be a trend.

It is something that we could already see at the Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, which truly stood out for a proposal that, to say the least, is scary, not only because of the appearance of the men’s bags themselves, but also because of their size. They look huge!.

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Louis Vuitton Bags

This is the case, for example, of Louis Vuitton, in which its designers used bright colors and truly unusual bag shapes to leave a real mark on men’s accessories.

In fact, new shapes and colors not even commonly seen in collections specifically designed for women have allowed the designer to create his own, completely unique twist on both prints and classic styles.

Hermès Bags

From the hand of Hermès we have also found a collection of bags specially designed for the men’s sector, who Véronique Nichanian, a veteran of the prestigious brand, showed her collection of men’s clothing for the spring/summer 2020 season a few weeks ago And some of the bags, in fact, have really caught our attention.

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Even the design went a little further, and it was not limited only to presenting huge handbags. Also shoulder bags, with a truly exquisite design. Like, for example, a turquoise shoulder bag that could go with it if you also have a Volkswagen T-Cross of the same color in your garage at home.


We could say that Dior’s menswear collection for the spring/summer 2020 season, which was designed by Kim Jones, would be well described if we identify it as “typical of the futuristic world”.

Inspired by musical artist Daniel Arsham, the designer used the collection to bring God’s menswear into the 21st century. Thus, the transfer of both embellishments and techniques from the couture woman’s side of the house gave this collection a truly unique look.

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Shoulder bags will be a trend again

In any case, if you can’t afford to wear Dior, Hermès or Louis Vuitton, that’s okay. As we briefly mentioned at the beginning of this note, men’s shoulder bags will once again be a trend for next year 2020.

Comfortable and easy to dress and combine, the New York Times itself was already clear when it indicated in August 2019 that shoulder bags -and other men’s bags- had become a trending accessory in recent months. And rightly so.

Shoulder bags have become an accessory synonymous with comfort, just like the more conventional backpacks. Why? Very simple: it offers us the possibility of allowing weight bearing without forcing the muscles of the back or neck.

In fact, they stand out for becoming a much more comfortable and easy-to-carry option, since it will only suffice to hang the shoulder bag on the shoulder and that’s it! We can leave the house keeping everything we need outside in it. Therefore, with it you will end up saying goodbye to back pain, and also, to overloaded pockets.

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And it is that if you opt for a shoulder bag next year, you will see with great relief how you will no longer have to keep your mobile phone, wallet, house keys and car keys in your pants pockets (if have). You imagine? A true marvel, without a doubt.

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