White suits for groom 2021

Have you still not decided on the suit that you will wear at your wedding? In this case, have you considered going in white or do you prefer to go like most boyfriends? If you dare with a groundbreaking and original color, take a look at the white suits for boyfriend 2021.

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White suits for groom 2021

Certainly, the black tuxedo is the usual simple choice for the groom at his wedding. The goal is for the couple to complement each other chromatically on the altar. Now why not share color with her and go together in everything? Surely one of these white groom suits 2021 catches your eye.

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Interestingly, white is the only color that lends itself to a monochromatic boyfriend. If you choose white you will not need accessories in other shades. In fact, they would look weird.

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Photo: @lourej20

It is enough that you complete your look with white elements to give a current and fun point, but also tremendously elegant to your white suit for boyfriend 2021.

White suits for groom 2021: ideas

Of course, ideas for white suits for boyfriend 2021 will not be missing.

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From combining white with black touches, for example, in the jacket…

Photo: @nasarpong

…until it gives it a touch of pink.

Photo: @weddingbrides

Even blue is a very flattering alternative.

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It is one of the advantages of white, which lends itself to combining with all possible colors.

Photo: @onewed

And what about the corsages, essential if you want to give an elegant and romantic point to your white suit for boyfriend 2021

White suits for groom 2021: types

As it happens with all, the types of white suits for boyfriend 2021 are divided into four well-known and differentiated groups. Obviously, in this color you have all four styles. You decide.

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White suits for groom 2021: Frac

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The tailcoat is the suit that everyone calls a penguin. And he deserves it. Of course, there is nothing above it in terms of etiquette.

Photo: @touchfwhimsy-events

The tailcoat has not been common in white suits for grooms 2021 for a long time, but some classics continue to opt for this alternative beyond elegance.

Photo: @chicvintagebrides

Ideal for night weddings, when the wedding is over you can use it for events and galas where etiquette is maximum.

White suits for groom 2021: morning suit

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The morning suit is on a par with the tailcoat in elegance, however, it is used for daytime weddings. You’ll know it by the open back tail of the jacket.

Photo: hostel77bern

It has become the most common choice for white groom suits 2021 as it allows more people involved in the ceremony to choose this option.

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We are talking about men who will have a role in the wedding, such as the best man, the father of the bride, the witnesses or the officiant.

White suits for groom 2021: Tuxedo

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The white shirt with double cuffs and Italian collar is the hallmark of the tuxedo.

Photo: onewed

Jacket with pointed lapels, cummerbund and bow tie or tie crown one of the white suits for groom 2021 that has grown the most in recent years.

White suits for groom 2021: Classic suit

The classic suit will soon supersede the morning suit. More and more white groom suits 2021 are being chosen because they allow an elegant ceremony but without the rigidity of the previous types of suits.

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Photo: @mychoices-yourstyle

Obviously, 90% of civil ceremonies choose classic suits. Of course, in this case we have two options to choose from: Italian suit or English suit. In either of the two styles, and in all the colors you can imagine, you have a wide variety of groom suits at El Corte Inglés.

Photo: @hakunamatataweddings

The English suit has a square cut and a somewhat more classic design.

Photo: @suitwhitemen

For its part, the Italian suit is tighter to the body, with a more groundbreaking, current finish and, above all, it allows the groom to look great.

Photo: @thisischapell

Do you want more? Take a look at this complete photo gallery with all the white groom suits 2021 in the article and some other added surprises.

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