All Michael B. Jordan looks

Despite recently entering his thirties, Michael B. Jordan has spent two decades in Hollywood. He debuted in The Sopranos and was crowned in The Wire. Now, Creed and Black Panther have been the movies that have made him a cultural icon and a global influencer. In fact, today we’re going to show you all of Michael B. Jordan’s looks.

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All the looks of Michael B. Jordan

Reviewing all of Michael B. Jordan’s looks is easy. The actor knows what suits him and is very faithful to his personal style. Thus, the most common thing is to see him with a shaved head or very short hair and a beard or goatee. With this base, Michael B. Jordan is a faithful defender of the casual style and, coincidences of life, of the sneakers that sponsored who, except for the J, is named after him.

And it is that Nike seems non-negotiable for the actor. Unless he’s on the red carpet, Michael B. Jordan always wears sneakers, showing off what a spectacular wardrobe he has. In this case, he combines them with another of his must haves: denim. Skinny black jeans, white t-shirt and washed denim jacket. Simple but effective. Although with that smile and those muscles, everything looks better.

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It is not usual to see him in a suit and without a shirt. This photo is taken from a shooting, for which he is forgiven. Now, that same outfit, with a shirt, is perfect. Navy blue fit suit, white shirt underneath and white sneakers, there is nothing better. Tidy but informal, ideal for an interview.

Although all of Michael B. Jordan’s looks are not very risky, in his photo sessions he gives it his all. The magazines know that it is a diamond that does not need to be polished too much. And of course, they put everything on him and he likes everything. In this case, corduroy pants, a lined jacket and maroon socks. The clock and the owl, which is hardly visible, are optional. For risky imitators only.

And yet another example of how Michael B. Jordan takes advantage of denim for any occasion. Black jeans, black shirt and black denim jacket. Sports, of course, Nike. It may be one of her less risky looks, yet it is very flattering and easy to copy.

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It’s incredible what Michael B. Jordan looks like when they put on a more elegant outfit. A three-quarter coat, shoes and a V-shirt are enough for Miles Teller and Zac Efron to eat in the photo. The image is from Las Novias de mis Amigos (2014). Michael B. Jordan was 26 years old when he filmed it.

And it was time to muscle up. For both Creed (2015) and Creed 2 (2019), Michael B. Jordan has shaped his body like a boxer. Obviously, on the ring impresses. He not only looks perfect musculature, but marked. Obviously, with his non-negotiable Nikes, this time, adapted to the ring.

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The two Sylvester Stallone movies are sport in its purest form with some drama. The usual thing is to see Adonis Johnson in sport mode. If you wear a sweatshirt, always with a hood, simple and with the large Nike logo. His hair is somewhat longer in the second installment, but not much longer. And he’s one of the few humans who looks good on a mustache and goatee.

The few times we see Adonis Johnson on the street, he looks like never before. In this case, one of his wild cards: the denim shirt that is about to burst at the seams. What a spending arm. By the way, what couple does he do with Tessa Thompson (Bianca)

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Although his most recurring outfit in Creed is the sleeveless shirt. With those arms, as if not to show them off.

And training, of course, sleeveless and with Nike. Well, and an older gentleman next door telling how to do it.

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That same 2015, Michael B. Jordan got into the skin of Johnny Storm. The Human Torch from The Fantastic Four didn’t give him too much joy. Of course, he was able to take advantage of Creed’s muscles, to look muscular as a superhero. It is one of the few times we have seen him with a completely shaved face.

Farenheti 451 has also allowed him to show off his muscles, although always with clothes on. In this 2018 film, he plays Guy Montag, a firefighter who basically burns every book he finds. Yes, it is a dystopian future in which he sports a goatee, bushy hair and dark and nondescript looks. They don’t fit too well. Of course, he makes a tremendous couple with Sofia Boutella

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And then Erik Killmonger arrived. His character in Black Panther, in addition to being a tall villain, has brought about a stylistic revolution at the highest level. For starters, his dreadlocks, which he plays with throughout the film. In her first appearance, she appears with a bun and her bangs falling to the side. Undoubtedly, one of the looks that have marked 2018. Complete it with intellectual glasses, a white t-shirt and a washed shearling jacket. Top look 2019.

When it’s time to fight, Michael B. Jordan pulls armor on Black Panther. Obviously, it is not an outfit that interests us, but her face does. Dreadlocks in the air and disheveled, thin beard and mustache. If this isn’t cool, come Anna Wintour and say so.

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The last look with which Michael B. Jordan dares in Black Panther is that of boxer braids. Three braids attached to her head and a cardigan, open, and no shirt underneath. Advantages of being muscular, that you fix even the most tacky look

It is clear that the stylistic evolution of Michael B. Jordan is not too remarkable. Nor does he need. The actor has his own casual style and knows how to exploit it. Also, when it’s time to put on a suit, for example at the Oscars, he looks like nobody else because he’s not used to the world. All Michael B. Jordan looks look the same but they are not.

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