5 accessories that every modern man should have

In this article we are going to see the 5 accessories that every man should have in his closet. Those that are essential both in spring/summer and autumn/winter and that combine with any style and way of being of modern man.[no_toc]

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Society demands high physical standards that have to do with professional and social success. A man who takes care of his external appearance: a good haircut, a trained and well-fed body, who takes care of his wardrobe, etc., represent what a modern man is.

The modern man who knows what he wants and who goes for it, taking care of every detail. The modern man is a man with a lot of confidence because he has control of every detail, resulting in the success of future businesses or progress in the personal field.

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The man of the 21st century has nothing to do with the one who spends hours in front of the television, who puts work or friends before family, the man who has no ambitions or dreams to fight for. That man who had a conformist and monotonous vision of life has given way to the man who cares about the physical and cultural, who cares about staying healthy by exercising and dieting, who knows new technologies and applies them in all facets of life. her life and that she pays special attention to her wardrobe. A man who takes care of everything down to the last detail.

And that is why the modern man has in mind the accessories or complements to prop up his outfits. What are the 5 accessories a man should have in his closet?

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5 accessories that every man should have

A modern and elegant watch

The watch is a very important accessory for man. It does not have to be flashy, the watch has to be a reflection of our personality, in addition to transmitting elegance. A link of good taste. An example of a modern and elegant watch is this EYKI blue Overfly watch available at TrendHim for just over 100 euros.

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Discreet and simple rings

As with the rest of the accessories, the rings should not be too big (unless it’s the ring they give to NBA winners). A ring should be discreet but provide elegance. Choose one that is simple and has clean lines. Leave the big, gold rings for the “thugs in your neighborhood”.


In the past, bracelets were a feminine accessory but little by little they have been included in the usual accessories for men, their extension being notorious in recent years. This year, anchor bracelets like the one you see in the photo have become fashionable and you can find them at TrendHim for a reduced price. It’s about time you took off those 2002 FIB bracelets. You have this and many more models of bracelets here.

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The bow ties

Seeing a man with a bow tie always attracts attention. There is no doubt that the bow tie gives a great personality to the one who wears it and all the greats of cinema, fashion and business wear it. The bow tie is the star that stands out in a good suit or tuxedo for a formal or informal event.

You have this and many more models of bow ties here.


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Ties are the last accessory that we did not want to miss. There always has to be one in every modern man’s wardrobe. It works both for formal occasions (to wear with a suit) and for informal occasions (with a shirt and jeans).

You have this and many more models of ties here.

And you, do you take care of the details of the accessories?

Photos: TrendHim

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