Panama Jack boots, a trend that doesn’t stop

It doesn’t matter what time of year we are because Panama Jacks are always received by the public, in the article on Today we will show you different models and some will surprise you.

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The model that never goes out of style and that appeals to all styles are the classic Panama Jack boots, the Panama boot, which is already known worldwide for its yellow color and leather upper. Any fashion lover can wear it without having the slightest doubt that it would never stray from the trends.

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In the same line you can find other similar designs with different colors or dare with boots with a higher wedge but that continue to highlight the masculinity in their feet.

Did you know that Panama Jack also has a line of classic boots but designed for summer temperatures? Although right now what you least want is to be cold, this model is very similar to the star model of this brand, they designed a model under the name of Summer that reminds us of those summer days in which you can get urban or get lost walking in the mountain.

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