Your face defines your style: the trimmed or short beard

Find out what are the latest trends in short beard styles.

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Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has generated important changes in society as a whole, something that can be seen reflected in the level of awareness that exists regarding hygiene measures. And it is that the COVID-19, has also influenced the way of trimming the beard. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people want to know the latest news in trimmed beard styles.

Short beards are back in fashion -if they ever stopped being so-, since they offer great comfort when it comes to having to wear a mask. For this reason, a large number of men wonder how to take care of their beards in the so-called ‘new normal’, since trimmed beards require very special maintenance.

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And it is that according to some experts in the field, trimming the hair of the beard may be the best option while we have to live with the coronavirus. Despite what many people think, a short, neat beard is a symbol of distinction, so now is a great time to trim your beard for a totally different physical appearance.

Types of short beards

It can be said that the beard is part of people’s identity, since it acts as a letter of introduction to the public. As previously mentioned, trimmed beards are becoming more and more popular among men, so below, we are going to analyze some of the most outstanding short beard styles of the moment.

Different types of short beards that are very easy to achieve, as long as people have a suitable beard trimmer. If you want detailed information about these machines, in this SaludPrev article you can consult an incredible comparison, where the best beard trimmers available on the market are examined.

Simple Short Beard Style

First of all we are going to talk about the simple short beard, one of the trimmed beard styles most used by the vast majority of men, since it provides an elegant and simple character. To achieve this short beard style, men should groom it at least once a week, taking special care that no hair sticks out of the established lines.

Defined Short Beard Style

Another of the short beard styles is more based on definition, that is, on achieving a short square beard. In this case, men should let their hair grow a little more, always maintaining the same density. This type of trimmed beard gives a very striking look, so it is highly recommended for men who want to get a showy look.

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Short beard style by zones

In recent years, the short beard style by areas has become very fashionable, which is characterized by highlighting some parts more than others. In general, men tend to highlight the area below the lip or the mustache area, although some people complement these areas with sideburns. Everything is a matter of taste, but the truth is that this type of beard is ideal to give a unique touch to the face.

Short Beard Style with Mustache and Line

This short beard is very suitable for men who have little hair on their faces, since it helps to hide the areas where there is no hair. A trimmed beard style that brings a lot of personality, which is why it has become a perfect solution for a large number of people. To achieve this, men should slightly grow their mustache and chin line, shaving the rest of the face.

How to trim and maintain a careful beard?

Although a priori it may seem simple, the reality is that trimming the beard is a fairly complex task, so men should take into account a series of tips to avoid problems. For example, experts recommend trimming your beard after a shower -once it’s dry-, since that way the hair will be hydrated, and therefore, it will be much easier to cut it.

To get a perfect cut, it is best to use quality beard trimmers, since these machines include guide combs that allow you to even out the cut. Hair clippings cannot be undone, so always start with a long comb. When the desired length is achieved, simply sweep the trimmer across the face.

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After trimming the beard, it is convenient to use scissors to remove the hair that may stand out. And above all, if you want to have a neat short beard, you should apply a light oil on it to make it softer and healthier. These types of oils are essential, since they keep beards hydrated, so they will always show their best appearance.

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