10 Best Types or Styles of Short Beards for Men 2022

Wearing a beard is fashionable, but the truth is that there are many the types of beards that can be worn today despite the fact that those that are short seem to prevail. Let’s see then, the 10 Best Types or Styles of Short Beard for Men 2022.

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The types or styles of short beards are, as we say, very varied and since they are going to be imposed by 2022, it will not hurt to review the best ones. During 2020 and part of 2021 it seemed that the longest beards were the ones that prevailed, but it is the short beard, such as the goatee or even the three-day beard that prevails, so if you like to wear a beard and want to show it off to the last, nothing like choosing one of these ten short beards.

Short and framed beard

Instagram: @marcodamoda

The short and square beard framed and also well trimmed, consists of leaving the facial hair within a certain length (6-9 mm maximum) and modeling the contours in a clean and simple way.

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This is perhaps the type of beard that will be worn the most in 2022 since it leaves a clean and groomed appearance, as well as looking good whether you have a hairstyle like the model in the image or, on the contrary, you are shaved or not You have hair. A formal beard style that you will hardly need to comb, although yes, it will be necessary to shave every two weeks to maintain the appropriate length.

Van Dyke Beard

Instagram: @dmt.art

This other type or style of short beard is also a trend for 2022, although in this case it is a somewhat more classic beard whose name originates from the Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck. A very short beard style that is framed by a somewhat longer mustache and that we have seen in celebrities like Johnny Depp. The beard itself is a goatee, with that “loose” mustache and something bigger not to forget a small “fly” in the middle of the lower lip.

Short beard and mustache

Instagram: @henrycavillcentral

Another type of beard that you have to bet on this 2022. A very shaved short beard but also marked by a short mustache and something more populous as we see the actor Henry Cavill wearing in the photo above (right ).

But you don’t have to be a movie star or model to sport a short beard and goatee, just keep your hair shaved to the cheek, with jaw and chin hair shorter than your mustache, which is kept long, 70s style similar to those with a horseshoe shape. Maintain the length of your mustaches and their shine with a beard oil, find the list of the best here.

Short Chevron Beard

Instagram: @dmt.art

The most iconic chevron beard style in modern history is that of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, a unique look given that the rock legend’s chevron mustache was very thick and wide on his face.

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It covers the entire upper lip, works on most faces, and has a peculiarly robust shape with consistent thickness. Even today, after more than 40 years, of all types of beards, this one retains a unique 80s vibe, classic and conservative that refuses to go out of style.

Classic mustache and very short beard

instagram; @labarbeariaclube

Compared to the Chevron mustache, a more accessible model for everyone is undoubtedly the very short beard with classic mustache, it suits almost all men, since it is a timeless traditional model of short beard, which was even used by grandparents of our grandparents.

Let the hair grow freely on your lip, and in the meantime, pay attention to keeping your face clean and shaven, leaving very little facial hair on your cheeks, jawline and neck.

To wear this type of beard, the mustache should be trimmed slightly above the lip and then stop just outside the edges of the mouth. If your beard grows fast and incessantly, it means you need to trim your beard more regularly.

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Instagram: @robertdowneyjr

While there are different types of goatees, the ones most people refer to are definitely the full goatees like the one actor Robert Downey Jr always wears, and who in fact has somehow brought back this type of short beard until it is imposed and fashionable as well as being a trend for 2022.

This is a sexy short beard type that is marked by a mustache that extends to both sides of the mouth.

When cutting and styling your goatee, it’s important to get the width just right so your face is neither too wide nor too long.

When you first cut your knob, start at the width, before gradually cutting to a final width. Maintaining the short goatee is easy, just do the occasional trim for length and maintain regular cheek and neck care.

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Beard Blend with Goatee

Instagram: @jc_fenech

From the short beard and the goatee seen before, we can also choose this other style of short beard for 2022. A type of beard that can suit you or that can be a good solution, in case you have a type of beard that grows irregularly.

But this doesn’t mean you have to wear a scruffy beard. First of all you should focus on the part of the goatee, trimming and taking care of it as if you were only wearing this beard and then stop growing the hair on the edge of the face, but without exaggerating.

3 day beard

Instagram: @CNcfkJLJelL

3 days to let it grow, 3 days to take care of it, 3 days to tame it. The stubble is an iconic short beard that will allow you to wear a beard without having to be very dense.

Depending on how your facial hair grows and how much you want, you will have to adjust the blade of your razor, which on the other hand is recommended to be less than 6 mm, and shave your face all over. If you’re feeling energetic, you may want to leave less hair around the edges. Make sure it doesn’t look like you really forgot to shave, keep your neck clean and your beard length consistent.

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Shaved beard

Instagram: @dmt.art

If you like to wear a beard but without it being barely noticeable, even much less than a three-day beard, there is nothing like choosing a short beard style like the one we see above. A completely shaved beard in which the hairs are obviously at a very short length of no more than 2-3mm.

Busy beard

Finally, a short beard that, unlike the ones seen up to now, is somewhat more bushy, so the hair is left slightly longer and with more quantity. A perfect beard if in your case you get a lot of hair, but you must be careful and keep it well in its length and also comb it daily.

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