Who are the most important Spanish models?

If we think of female models, without a doubt the impressive Victoria’s Secret models come to mind, some women from heart attack, but what happens when the question is about male models. Well, we cannot complain, men who are envied and whose influence in many sectors are evident. Internationally recognized Spanish models. Who are the most important Spanish models? Let’s find out.

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Who are the most important Spanish models

Many names, especially the most international ones, will sound familiar to you, Velencoso, Kortajarena, etc., are men who have triumphed on all the most important fashion catwalks. A generation of models with spectacular measurements and very marked features in both masculine and childish.

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The most important firms in the world have noticed them countless times, Dior, Loewe, Chanel, etc. Men who fill the advertising spaces of buses, billboards, etc. Spain for some years now, is undoubtedly an inexhaustible pool of models who have been stomping and who are willing to reach the top in the world of advertising and fashion.

But let’s not fool ourselves, a scandalous body and a pretty face do not make a top model man, he also needs to have a personality capable of transmitting, a sense of humor and of course beauty. Spain has and will have a lot to say in this sense and for that there is already a new generation of models who are hoping to become Supermodels.

Jon Kortajarena

His full name is Jon Kortajarena Redruello, he was born in Bilbao on May 19, 1985. Jon, with his 1.88 meter height and honey-colored eyes, has been able to captivate the most important firms in the world, making their advertising campaigns, firms such as Just Cavlli, Calvin Klein, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfield or Tom Ford, among others. The latter came to consider him his inspiration for nine collections. It has gone as far as reaching #6 on the Top 50 Male Models.

Oriol Elcacho

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Possibly the name does not sound as familiar to you as that of Jon Kortajarena, however we have seen that image a hundred times in fashion magazines and on different advertising posters. Oriol Elcacho, was born in Barcelona on August 8, 1979, with a height of 1.85 meters with a sculptural body, worked and beautiful and striking blue eyes. Considered one of the most elegant men of 2013.

Business graduate, he came to the world of fashion to stay, starring in campaigns such as Bvlgari, La Martina, Bally, Missoni, Valentino, etc, firms that have forced our model to live between the United States and Spain.

Andres Velencoso

His full name is Andrés Velencoso Segura, he was born in Gerona, in Tosa de Mar on March 11, 1978. He is considered one of our best and most international models. Lately he has made his first steps in Spanish cinema, something that is not bad at all . His face will be familiar to us above all because of the Chanel campaign and its Sport fragrance, because of the campaigns he carried out for the Louis Vuitton firm, a campaign in which he was accompanied by Jennifer López. Considered the sixth in the list of Top Icons Men.

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River Viiperi

River Delfín Canomanuel Viiperi, this young man whose name probably doesn’t sound familiar to you, has been chosen as the best model in 2010 and is Spanish, born in Ibiza on August 4, 1991. His mother is of Finnish origin, He quickly realized River’s power and soon introduced him to the world of modeling, a world that he has not abandoned, occupying covers of magazines such as GQ, Coitus, Wing, Surface, etc. He has walked with the best brands, such as when he worked for Calvin Klein with an exclusive in between.

Piero Mendez

This young man of little more than 18 years has entered the world of fashion stomping very hard. Born in Gijón on June 26, 1996, Piero is half Spanish and half Croatian. With her pretty green eyes, she has captivated fashion designers such as Balenciaga for whom she has walked the catwalk. Considered among the 50 best male models, this Asturian law student does not stop working. Parade of Prada, Balenciaga or Calvin Klein himself.

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Christian Santamaria

Born in 1983 in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona, ​​this young Mosso Esquadra aspirant would change his life when, while walking with his friends, someone noticed him and offered him to forget about his aspirations to be a police officer and live in the world of fashion, something Christian agreed to and from what we can see, he hasn’t done badly at all.

A few months later, Christian Santamaría was in New York, participating in a campaign for the D&G brand, with a top model like Naomi Campbell. After this, the contracts rained down, parading on the best catwalks in the world for firms like Armani, Valentino, Cerruti, etc. But if we all know him for something, it’s because of his campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss or Davidoff’s Coolwater, where he appeared swimming with that sculptural body in an immense sea.

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