All Maluma’s tattoos and their meaning (Tattoo)

Tattoos never go out of style, and a clear example of this is Maluma . The singer who triumphs around the world thanks to his music and his body, is a great lover of tattoos.

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For Maluma, tattoos are very important and all the ones he has are of great importance, since their meaning speaks of his family, his soul, his values ​​and even the first horse he had.

All Maluma’s tattoos and their meaning

For Maluma his family is the most important thing he has, that is why it is represented in all the tattoos he has all over his body.

The first of all the tattoos he got was on his left leg and it says Maluma, which in addition to being his stage name, represents his family, his sister Manuela, his mother Marlli and his father Luis. The second one that was made we can see it on his left arm and it says “magic”, because it is what he feels with the music and what he wants to transmit to his followers.

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After studying a little about Buddhism, he tattooed himself a Buddha, due to the number of responses that this religion has given to his personal life, although he also has a lotus flower tattooed, because it is the only flower that can growing up in a swamp and references how he was able to rise, with hard work, from humility to success.

She has tattooed on her clavicle the date of birth of Apollo, her little cousin, and Romeo, another cousin whom she considers more of a little brother than a cousin.

The qualities that Maluma stands out the most about himself are wisdom, fidelity and leadership, that is why he has an owl tattooed, because it is considered a very noble and wise animal and by tattooing it on his shoulder he hopes never to lose wisdom . But it is not the only animal that Maluma has tattooed, he also has a lion on part of his pectoral, because this animal has always been associated with nobility, beauty and strength. He also has a swallow and it is the animal that represents him the most, because this bird always returns to its nest, as he does with his family, the most important thing he has.

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But Maluma thinks of everything, even his fans. For that same reason, he tattooed a compass on his biceps, so as not to lose his sanity and always be aware of everything he does, also for them. To thank him, he also made a crown behind his ear, because only kings have crowns.

In his arm you can also see a temple, a reference to himself, how his body is a temple and he has to control it both inside and out and take care of it so as not to hurt it.

Here are all the tattoos that Maluma has, but surely it won’t take long for him to get some more and explain the important meaning they have for him.

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