What men’s haircut suits you best according to your face 2022? Photos with Examples

Which haircut may be the best for you ? If you want to choose a suitable haircut for men 2022, you should pay particular attention to your features so that we are going to offer you the answer to the question below, which men’s haircut suits you best according to your face 2022 ? Photos with Examples.

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Haircuts according to your face 2022 | rectangular face

Rectangular type faces are similar to square faces but longer so the trick is to choose a balanced cut without too much distinction between the sides and the top of your hair. For example, you can choose a textured cut and also part it slightly to the side, to add a little dimension to a shorter hair length and because they are also trending for this 2022.

Anything that is a long haircut will also better balance the proportions of your face and ideally you want to comb it back so it looks clean without adding too much volume. Remember to use a light mousse or hair gel that will keep your hair looking good all day, but won’t add excessive height to your rectangular face shape.

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Haircuts according to your face 2022 | square face

If, on the other hand, you have a face with square features, surely your jaw will be marked so it is better that you play with the volume of the hair in order to soften your features. In this way, you can choose, for example, a “quiff” cut so that you can “play” to raise your hair and thus harmonize the face. This is a type of cut that also sets trends and you can be inspired, for example, by David Beckham’s current style.

Also for a square masculine face, nothing like opting for a cut with a toupee style, since these have come back with great force. In this way, you can, for example, take advantage of a cut like the one we see below, which also has a certain disheveled style. A cut that has devastated in 2019 and that returns with force in 2022, greatly harmonizing the most square features.

On the other hand, a cut with good long bangs can be a great option for men with square faces, since in some way, you can manage to lengthen your features.

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Haircuts according to your face 2022 | round face

Round faces are more common than they seem or what we would like, so the key for this type of face is to get a cut that allows you to add some angularity to the face. So, if you want to be able to elongate your face, try a hairstyle with longer proportions up and shorter sides. In this sense, you can take advantage of the “pompadour” type cuts with which you will be able to create more dimension and give your face a more pronounced appearance. Also, think that these types of cuts are now a trend.

On the other hand, a man with markedly round features can get a lot out of a cut with a parting or combing to one side. A style that is fashionable and with which you will be able to create more angles and also, you will make your face look more mature.

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Haircuts according to your face 2022 | triangle face

Think of cuts that are or will make thick hair that will style your cut if you have a triangle face shape. You will need to be strategic, as you want to balance your wider jawline with your narrower forehead. In this sense, several cuts and hairstyles that are now in trend can be used for this face shape. A quiff or bangs will allow you to give your hair more volume or look thicker.

Haircuts according to your face 2022 | oval face

If you have a face with oval features, you are in luck since in principle, any cut will look good on you, so you can choose from one of the many trending cuts for this 2022, such as “quiff” cuts. which consist of raising the central part of the hair forming a light toupee that is very fashionable.

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We can also opt for shorter cuts such as the textured cut worn by actor Zac Efron, or even bet on a shaved cut, which will be a trend in the summer of 2022.

Haircuts according to your face 2022 | heart face

Faces with heart-shaped features are very grateful to be able to have a cut in which the upper part of their face is balanced with the lower part, so you should try to keep your hair in proportion with your features. You want to focus on trying to make sure your chin doesn’t look too narrow. For example, a cut with bangs that aren’t too long and that have been cut in layers can be a good way to achieve that balance, and you’ll also get a cut that’s on-trend.

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On the other hand, for your type of face it will also be good to bet on a textured cut, which are the ones that are currently sweeping and that can go well for your type of face. In this way, we recommend something like what the singer Nick Jonas currently wears, who has a heart type of face. With this type of cut you will be able to expand your face a little more and with it, it will be more harmonized.

Haircuts according to your face 2022 | diamond face

If you have a type of diamond face in which the jaw will be quite marked, you can opt for a cut that is textured and also, there is nothing like choosing a cut that you can wear to the side so that you are going to balance the proportions more the chin as well as the cheekbones with your forehead, thus achieving a much more balanced look. Also think that textured cuts are now a trend.

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