Andrej Pejic for Jean Paul Gaultier

Every year Paris Fashion Week receives the latest trends in Men’s Fashion for Spring-Summer at the beginning of the year, as well as the from autumn-winter to mid-year. And it always has the great fashion designers such as the French Jean Paul Gaultier, who a few months ago caused a stir in said fashion week, since he signed a model who has already become one of the most working today. . We are now talking about Andrej Pejic.

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Actually, the controversy has not been caused directly by the designer, but rather has been an “advantage” of a confusion that arose precisely from one of his models, who had gone out on the catwalk a few days before , and that he had surprised by his remarkable feminine appearance (and even more, highlighted by some androgynous touches of John Galliano’s fashion) that had even made those who did not know him think that he was a woman in a parade of men.

Andrej Pejic, the androgynous model:

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  • This model in question, capable of walking the catwalk for both women’s and men’s collections, is of Serbian origin and is called Andrej Pejic
  • His thin complexion, his marked features, his physical build and even his hair color, both for the role of a man and a woman, leads him to define himself as follows:

“I am a calculated risk on the part of the industry. We are going through a crisis, which leads us to think that conventional beauty will prevail in the face of creativity. I am like a blank canvas that is capable of taking on a masculine as well as a feminine charge.”

  • Summoned by John Galliano to promote his swimwear, he is also capable of wearing the designs of Raf Simmons, and on this occasion, he was called by Jean Paul Gaultier… for his haute couture show!
  • And this is how the Yugoslav surprised everyone by appearing almost at the end of the show wearing the wedding dress that decorates this article, and demonstrating once again that he is an exponent of Androgynous Fashion that was very present at the Parisian event.

The firms bet on Andrej Pejic:

  • In addition to having walked the runway for John Galliano, or that many knew him by the hand of Jean Paul Gaultier, Andrej Pejic has become the model for which fashion brands bet and not because he has an androgynous “look” that elevates each design to another dimension, but also because the young man has known how to take advantage of his profession, walking both exclusively for women’s fashion and for more masculine lines.
  • This is the recent case of Rosa Clará who signed the model for her latest bridal collection, and in fact he was the one who closed the show with a spectacular dress, which you can see in the image above.

  • Other brands for which he has worked, not only parading but starring in their campaigns have been Marc Jacobs or Auslander, although without a doubt one of the ones that gave the most talk was the one starring for an Amsterdam brand called Hema, in which he appeared posing with designs that promoted “push up” bras (image above) or the campaign he did for El Botón, organized by MANGO.
  • Finally, it should be added that in its beginnings a couple of years ago, Pejic was really considered or confused as a female model, so much so that FHM magazine highlighted her in the 98th position of the “most attractive models”; which caused them to realize the error and have to rectify it.

I leave you now a complete photo gallery of Andrej Pejic in some of his fashion shows:

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Video of some of Andrej Pejic’s work and his fashion show for Jean Paul Gaultier:

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