The most classic Adidas shoes: Stan Smith

Adidas is perhaps one of the most iconic brands when it comes to sports fashion thanks above all, because some of their sneakers have become really famous models that have been worn for decades.

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One of the most famous Adidas shoes is undoubtedly the Stan Smith model that was born more than fifty years ago and that has led to many others that we see below, along with the origin and history of this shoe. We are talking about the most classic Adidas shoes: Stan Smith.

The history of Stan Smith shoes

Surely you must know the famous Stan Smith sneakers, you may even have some of his models, but do you know what the history of these sneakers is?

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Of the many shoe models that Adidas has, the Stan Smith have undoubtedly become one of the most famous and recognizable thanks above all to their design, which coincidentally does not show the iconic three stripes that They represent the brand which are in other models.

In the case of the Stan Smith, the stripes became perforation holes because when they were launched in 1971 in honor of the tennis player Stan Smith, they stood out for this detail, but also because they had another name. How?

It should be explained that those shoes that were launched at the beginning of the 70s were not new and that Adidas had actually released them before in 1963 and in honor of another tennis player: Robert Haillet. The Haillet were shoes with the original design of the Stan Smith and with holes on the sides to facilitate foot perspiration. When Haillet decides to retire from competition, Adidas bets on Stan Smith, and places his face on the tongue of the shoes but still with Haillet’s name.

Obviously, it was decided to change the name to Stan Smith, renewing the first model with a design in which the perforation lines are much more united and marked. With the pertinent changes, they quickly became one of the best-selling models of the brand, sweeping the 70s and, above all, the 80s, thanks to the fact that many of the representatives of “hip hop” wore them, a musical style that back then it was booming.

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After the first two decades of success of the Stan Smith, the model becomes a “classic” and although it remains one of the best sellers, it is not until 2011 that they receive a new “boom” and put on again fashionable since Adidas relaunches them with new colors and above all with many more designs always keeping the logo of Stan Smith’s face and name on the tongue, but who was this tennis player?

Who is Stan Smith?

Mentioning Stan Smith makes us think of the famous Adidas shoes, but we are not talking about someone who has only served to name a sports shoe. In fact, Smith is perhaps one of the most successful and famous tennis players of the 1970s.

The Californian tennis player who dominated the world stage in the early 1970s, playing in four Grand Slam finals (two singles and two doubles) as well as winning the United States Open, managed to get Adidas to notice him for relaunch its Haillet shoe model, with a renewed design and a lighter style.

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In this way, Smith began to be more and more known, he reached many Grand Slam tournament finals, accumulating a large number of victories in doubles, especially at the United States Open (1974, 1978, 1980 ), without forgetting his triumph in 1972 at Wimbledon against Ilie Nastase.

Smith is also remembered for his great victories in the Davis Cup, with ten finals played and seven cups won. An enviable career for a formidable champion and a great style icon in the world of tennis.

Today, Stan Smith is a seventy-year-old man immortalized by world consumerism, for a logo that combines modern product and vintage talent. A good memory for tennis fans of the 70s, and an icon or symbol for a brand that has elevated it to the point that current “millennials” associate their name with footwear and not so much with the athlete.

Since the first Stan Smith it has rained a lot, but the shoes have remained among the best valued by those who decide to buy Adidas. In addition to the original model, others have been added over the years as we now see.

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The most important models of Adidas Stan Smith

Stan Smith Originals

If you are one of those who wants original Stan Smith, we will tell you that they are difficult to find and expensive, but Adidas thought of the nostalgic ones and since 2011 it has been selling the model named “adidas Original Stan Smith” which is the closest thing that you’ll find the sneaker from the ’70s, with a few key updates that make it a modern sneaker without killing the vintage style that made it popular decades ago.

Stan Smith Boost

Take the original and iconic Stan Smith that has been a hit for decades and update it with the most responsive cushioning ever on the reinforced sole. The Stan Smith Boost takes everything great from the original classic 3-Stripes silhouette with updated technology and a bubbly outsole that’s just as comfortable and responsive as the sleek leather upper combination that defines the rest of the shoe.

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adidas Stan Smith Millennium

This is a lightweight, running version of the classic Stan Smith, with the same perforated three-line stripes, but with the addition of the adidas EQT logo instead of the adidas Trefoil. Also, the sole is much thicker and the tongue is padded, similar to the adidas Stan Smith II. The shoe comes in a white and navy color scheme, however the classic white and green version also exists, but is more rare.

Stan Smith Tennis Ball

It was only natural that sooner or later the sneaker named after an American tennis player would get a model inspired by a tennis ball, but unlike other brands that opted to release bright green sneakers, adidas did it justice. professional to athletes. This Stan Smith model comes with a “hairy suede upper” available in Energy Orange or Chalk White on a contrasting sole and embellished with small matte gold details.

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Stan Smith Wool

In addition to looking great and being a fantastic, quieter version of the traditional Stan Smith, the Stan Smith Wool Slippers will also keep you a little warmer in winter thanks to their wool upper. Looks the same. It feels the same. It even has Stan Smith branding on the heel tab in a muted, contrasting colour. The only thing different is the fleece upper which feels great and will keep your feet toasty when the cold weather hits.

Not only do we have the aforementioned models, there have also been more than 100 limited edition collectibles. Like the Stan Smiths with Star Wars, with Kermit the Frog, with Method Man. And of course, there was the collaboration with Pharrell Williams, who in 2014 exhibited ten hand-painted Stan Smiths at the Colette concept store in Paris, they immediately sold out . Something that once again made the shoes on everyone’s lips and that we continue to love them, right?

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