What to give a boy at Christmas and the Three Wise Men?

Christmas is approaching and with it, the times to do the typical gifts. Many times, when it comes to giving gifts to children, we think that it is something complicated and that we are not going to get it right. But from Modaellos.com we are going to show you how easy it can be to make a good Christmas present.

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Although everyone has different and very personal tastes, surely some are perfect for that person to whom you are wishing to give as a gift.


If there is something that can never go wrong, it is giving him a piece of clothing. You can always choose to choose a basic garment that is always necessary in every wardrobe, like a white t-shirt or a leather jacket, like this one from Jack and Jones.

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If the person you are going to give as a gift already has a leather jacket, you can always give him an aviator-style one, very fashionable lately. Another option is to give him a pair of pants, although there are many varieties here, from skinny pants to joggers, to ripped or patterned ones. The following ripped jeans are from Zara and have some detail that makes them different, like the orange strip on the side.

Sneakers and Shoes

Right now the shoes are in fashion, no matter the type, if they are very modern or some classic models. You can opt for very extravagant models, but with very discreet colors to go unnoticed, as can be seen in the following, the Air Max 270, a very modern model, but in this case with basic colors like black and white.

If you are not someone who likes sports shoes, you can choose to give some boots as a gift. These Timberland brand boots not only allow us to dress well, but are also perfect to prevent our feet from getting cold.

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If what you are looking for this Christmas is a more elegant shoe that allows you to dress on the most important occasions, you can buy these from Sfera, quality shoes, with a beautiful and simple design.


Current men’s fashion has many accessories, starting with underwear, from underpants made of different fabrics or socks with colorful prints. We can also opt for an accessory for the head, taking advantage of the cold, giving a hat or a cap can be a good option, although giving a cap is not a bad idea either, since they are used throughout the year. A good idea is to give a belt, like this one from the Diesel brand, a large belt, but with a discreet and not extravagant design, which can look perfectly with any pants.

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With the cold, another option would be to give away some gloves and even a scarf, although it will depend a lot on the person’s taste. You can always choose an accessory to store things, you can opt for a fanny pack, a bag and something that everyone needs, a wallet. In this case, we recommend this Fossil wallet, in which we can not only store bills, but also has a pocket for coins and space to store photos and cards.

Hair products

If she has all kinds of clothes or accessories, another alternative is to give her something to take care of her appearance. In this case, we are going to recommend a hair machine, from the Hatteker brand, which offers us, thanks to all the heads, the possibility of cutting our hair as well as being able to shave and take care of our beards.

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You can also buy him a product so that he has control over his hairstyle, like a hairspray. On this occasion, our recommendation is that you give away a professional hair wax, in this way you will not only be taking care of their hairstyle, but also their hair health. Uppercut Matt Clay Wax is a great option to get a style molded to your liking.

And these are some of the recommendations from modaellos.com to give a man this Christmas, stay tuned to our content to see other gift options.

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