What tie model to use for Valentine’s Day 2023?

There are a few days left until Valentine’s Day arrives and we already began to think about special gifts for our couple. At some point in our lives we resort to ties, whether for work, for a party, or in this case, to spend Valentine’s Day with our girlfriend or boyfriend. Today we are going to give you the tie models that you can use for Valentine’s Day 2023.

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  • Ties for Valentine’s Day 2023
  • Choose the tie for Valentine’s Day 2023
  • Classic style
  • Polka dot tie
  • Striped tie
  • Wide tie
  • Printed bow tie
  • Paisley tie
  • Jaquard tie

Ties for Valentine’s Day 2023

When choosing a tie for Valentine’s Day, we will not only take into account whether or not we know how to tie a specific type of knot, but also what your personality is.

Thus, depending on your tastes and character, we will go for some models or others. If what you want is to go further on Valentine’s Day, choosing the right tie will go through some specific canons.

To begin, the tie, if you want it to follow the line of Valentine’s Day, it will have to follow a pattern of colors that is very easy to identify, that is, it must take the red palette in its different versions, whether we like it plus vermilion, cherry, raspberry or even pink. Here, above all, preferences come into play, and what we will combine it with, of course.

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Anyway, with everything I have already told you, we can choose different models as we show you below.

Classic style and print for Valentine’s Day 2023

Within the classic style, there are many options so that your Valentine’s tie is not the one you always wear to work or on special occasions, you can get one that is truly special. Like the one we see below.

This wide cherry-colored tie is ideal for those who want their essential accessory to be something different, but not stand out too much. The truth is that balance is the key.

The design of the tie oozes elegance, as well as the coloring and pattern. The silk effect makes it look much more striking and refined at the same time, and the diagonal lines of the tie create a very cool lacing sensation when tying the knot.

With a tie like this, you are sure to succeed and surprise your partner. In addition, you can always complement it with cufflinks with some color in red or a handkerchief for the jacket pocket.

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In any case, the main thing if you want to keep the classic style will be to place it on a white shirt.

Classic and striped tie for Valentine’s Day 2023

I have already told you about striped ties, and the truth is that models like the one you see above, very classic, will be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Obviously, this tie (from Zara) can be a great choice with a good suit, but you can also wear it with chino pants and a long-sleeved shirt.

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Polka dot tie for Valentine’s Day 2023

The polka dot tie is another tie model that can be a hit for Valentine’s Day 2023. A model that in this case is from Massimo Dutti and also combines cotton with silk. Perfect to wear, for example, a white shirt and black skinny pants.

Casual style tie for Valentine’s Day 2023

If yours, on the contrary, is the casual, dynamic and daring vibe, nothing like getting a patterned tie with very typical Valentine’s Day motifs, such as hearts and the occasional cupid.

This one in particular, despite being very daring, maintains a taste for drawing, within its chaotic colors, it follows a well-defined style.

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Of course, your clothes, so as not to be excessively extravagant, should not be too striking, so neutral tones will be the best allies for this type of tie, so she will take center stage and give that touch fun color and very cheerful.

Velvet tie for Valentine’s Day 2023

On the other hand, we have already talked about choosing your tie for Valentine’s Day in a color that is associated with this day.

That is why we can then choose a tie like the one we see above, but which also has the detail of being made of velvet.

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This type of tie can be a great option for a classic suit, but it will also be the best choice if your “look” or your style is quite “retro”.

Wide tie for Valentine’s Day 2023

The wide tie is another of the best options to celebrate this Valentine’s Day 2023. This model is already a classic since it became a trend some time ago and has remained as such. A model like this one from Zara, in navy blue, is ideal to wear with a suit, but also in the case of a look that you wear, for example, a shirt and slim jeans.

Printed bow tie for Valentine’s Day 2023

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And if you’re more of a bow tie, there’s nothing like choosing a model that’s casual like this one you see from Mango.

A bow tie in a successful blue color and with polka dots. This tie model is ideal for, for example, combining it with jeans and a shirt.

If you chose it for a suit it would be a good idea, but perhaps the model is not the most appropriate for a classic suit. So it should be a modern suit, maybe a slim fit one.

Paisley print tie for Valentine’s Day 2023

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As for choosing a patterned tie, we can always choose models like the one you see above.

The “paisley” is a very fashionable type of print, so you can choose it for this Valentine’s Day 2022, and wearing it for example with dress pants and a shirt. You won’t need a blazer if you don’t want to.

Jaquard tie for Valentine’s Day 2023

The “jaquard” print tie is another ideal model for this Valentine’s Day 2023. A very elegant tie model that is also perfect for a winter suit since February 14 will still be very cold. The model above is from Mango.

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Choosing a tie for Valentine’s Day 2023

We have already seen the best proposals for ties for Valentine’s Day 2023, but we want to talk about other models to choose the most appropriate one.

For this reason, we are going to tell you which are the tie models that you can use and which will be the knot that corresponds to each of them. We start with the different types of ties that you can find:

  • Striped tie.
  • The solid and thin ties.
  • Cotton ties.
  • Embroidered ties.
  • Silk tie.
  • Bow ties or bow ties.

As I said, each tie corresponds to a specific knot, because the model looks much better that way. So now let’s see what knots will be for each of them.

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Also, let’s see for what occasions it is better to use them and above all, if they are suitable or not for Valentine’s Day.

Striped tie

The striped necktie is an old-school favorite. This is a garment that is widely used by us and can be used all year round thanks to its great variety of colors.

They usually have a thick, classic knot and although we can use them as I say for all kinds of events, perhaps for Valentine’s Day they are too formal.

Solid Skinny Ties

Solid and skinny ties are for events that require elegance, perfect for Valentine’s.

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A skinny black tie paired with a light-colored shirt is just what you need to impress your partner.

On the other hand, it is a type of tie widely used in the 50s for rock “looks”, with a knot according to how they are.

Cotton tie

The cotton tie is the lightest model and can be combined with all kinds of blazers, plus they look great with the sleeves rolled up. We can find them checkered or striped.

For this Valentine’s Day you can find them in all kinds of colors and designs, and the best thing is that you can even wear them with jeans.

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Embroidered ties

Embroidered ties are perfect for a casual style. The preppy or academic style can have its icing on the cake with a tie with embroidered symbols, shields or logos.

As they are usually very varied, you can choose to use one this Valentine’s Day, although it is best that you opt for one that is dark or neutral tones.

Silk ties

Woven silk ties are worn in the summer months and woolen ties in the colder months. A perfect complement that combines with good jeans and a shirt, for a relaxed and somewhat casual look.

They are perhaps not, however, the best option for Valentine’s Day, unless you bet on an elegant suit and want to combine it with an elegant silk tie.

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Bow ties or bow ties

Bow ties can only be worn with the correct shirt, such as a tuxedo. The most current trend has led it to be combined with retro elements, such as vintage jackets.

They are currently a trend so that you can choose them for Valentine’s Day, although if you decide to wear a bow tie it is better with a formal “look”.

Take care of your tie

Once you have chosen the type of tie for that special date, on Valentine’s Day, you have to pay special attention to caring for it.

In our case we have chosen the solid and thin tie. For the care of your tie, it is recommended to hang the silk ones so that they do not have any wrinkles and the best way to store the woven ones is by rolling them in the drawer.

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If your tie already has wrinkles, you can remove them using the steam from the iron, without touching the fabric of the tie.

And it has been stained, it is recommended to take it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible if you do not want to spoil the tie; If you have doubts about ironing your tie, they can also make it perfect in a short time and for little money.

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