What is Blue Monday and where can we find the sales?

What is Blue Monday and where can we find the sales? discounts? Surely you have heard of Black Friday and also, of course, of Cyber ​​Monday, but in case you are looking for other special days to buy all the fashion at the best price, you should also take note of Blue Monday, which is celebrated every third Monday in January. It serves to take away the sadness from us a bit since this is known as the saddest Monday of the year, so there is nothing like buying something that is also on sale.

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Although it may sound similar to Black Friday, the truth is that Blue Monday has more to do with a day in which our mood is apparently down, so in light of the sadness of this Monday in January , stores take the opportunity to offer discounts on some of their items and with that, lift our spirits a bit.

What is Blue Monday?

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It was in 2005 when the psychologist Cliff Arnall spoke for the first time about Blue Monday, which is known as “the saddest day of the year” and is celebrated every year (and increasingly so) during the month of January.

The conclusion was drawn from a curious equation that, according to the version, puts into play variables such as the time since Christmas, the weather, the debts, the failure for not having fulfilled the first New Year’s resolutions, the time dedicated to rest or cultural activities. According to calculations, Blue Monday falls on the third Monday in January, so it will be “celebrated” next Monday, January 17, 2022.

Despite being based on that formula, the fact that the percentages of each variable have not been revealed have been determinant, there is not really a scientific basis that can demonstrate that Blue Monday really exists, in fact it has been a long time since the British newspaper The Guardian revealed that the aforementioned expert would have lent the name to the founder of a public relations agency for Sky Travel, in order to create that concept of “Blue Monday” and talk about the saddest day of the year so that people will be encouraged to hire trips to go on vacation.

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However, and although it was actually born as a marketing strategy, it seems that there is a general type of sadness at the beginning of the year and since this day has already been established as such, stores take advantage and have an opportunity more to make discounts and offers, although we do not forget that “Blue Monday” coincides in full with the winter sales or sales of January and perhaps for this reason it still happens to many people as something unnoticed.

Where can we find the sales for this day?

In any case, discounts and “extra” offers usually appear for Blue Monday, apart from those that can be given in the Winter Sales. In this way you can find discounts in the following fashion stores although they do not usually exceed 40%.

  • Zara: The firm is in full sales on Blue Monday but on this sad Monday it is possible that there is a selection of garments that are new and that have a special discount or a “special price” with a 15 or 20% discount .
  • H&M: You may also offer some items from your collections with discounts of 20% for Blue Monday.
  • Bershka and Pull&Bear: In the same way, they can offer “special prices” on some selected garments.
  • Massimo Dutti: They don’t usually celebrate Blue Monday with big discounts, but they do have discounts of 10% on some of their new clothes.
  • El Corte Inglés: During the week of “Blue Monday”, not only on Monday, it can offer some clothes and fashion trends with discounts of up to 30%.
  • Uniqlo: In this firm we may find many of the garments from its men’s collection with a 20% discount.

These are the main stores or firms that usually put some special discounts on the occasion of Blue Monday, but many others also offer a discount, no matter how small, on their trend clothes for the new winter season and even looking towards spring . Let’s see then some proposals to go for on this special day.

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In this way it is possible to take advantage of it, for example, to buy a new coat or a jacket or parka, apart from the winter sales. It is possible that for Blue Monday you have additional discounts of 10%. For example, we opted for this Parka model from Pull & Bear.

Or this coat from Zara, which is currently not on sale yet but for Blue Monday it may also be 10 or 15% off.

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Do not miss the possibility of buying, for example, sweaters with special discounts for Blue Monday. At H&M, for example, you have an infinite number of models to choose from today, but perhaps those that have a special discount or sale in January, apart from the sales, are, for example, proposals for turtleneck sweaters.

Or also the sweatshirts that always come in handy and are one of the garments that usually have the greatest discounts on days like this.

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Do you like shirts? Well, take advantage of this Blue Monday to stop by a store like Massimo Dutti for example and bet on those shirts that are presented with discounts that can be between 5 or 10%. Shirts that can be one of the “essentials” in any male wardrobe, such as checkered ones, or also dress shirts, in white, to always have it on hand in case you have or usually wear a suit.


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If you need pants or you want to be able to buy a new one, which also sets trends, there is nothing like choosing to take advantage of Blue Monday to buy some other model of pants, such as the Chinese type that you can find in El Corte Inglés and in some cases, with a 20% discount.


We have forgotten to mention some sports firms, such as Nike or Adidas that usually also offer the odd discount on many of their sports shoe proposals on this day, so you may find some of the shoes you have been wearing for months wanting to buy with discounts for Blue Monday that depending on the model or brand can have a discount between 10 and 30%.

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