The 7 most handsome actors in Hollywood

They are famous, they are millionaires, they are talented and, above all, they are handsome like themselves. Hollywood is specialized in recruiting beauties to become global stars. Of course, there are always categories and, in this case, we are going to review who are the 7 most handsome actors in Hollywood.

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The 7 Most Handsome Actors in Hollywood

Among the 7 most handsome actors in Hollywood we will find many current performers but also handsome Old Hollywood, where beauty was combined with impeccable style.

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Hollywood’s most handsome actors | Henry Cavill

Photo: @henrycavill

Henry Cavill has everything Hollywood can ask of an actor. Acting talent, British elegance, a perfect accent, mesmerizing blue eyes, a muscular body worthy of Superman, and most of all, a Ralph Lauren model face that is outrageous.

Hollywood’s most handsome actors | Brad Pitt

Photo: Bullet Train Movie

Talking about Brad Pitt is talking about the quintessential Hollywood handsome in the last 30 years. With long, short, dyed hair, hat or cap, the actor is the epitome of a summer ad boy with a tank top and perfect smile. In fact, heading into his 60s, Brad Pitt keeps his good looks intact.

Hollywood’s most handsome actors | Ian Somerhalder

Photo: @iansomerhalder

Despite being somewhat further removed from Hollywood in recent years, Ian Somerhalder retains his privileged position among the most handsome in Hollywood. The man who was Damon Salvatore in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ has a perfect chin, a mischievous smile that disarms anyone and, above all, sky blue eyes that are essential.

Hollywood’s most handsome actors | Chris Evans

Photo: @chrisevans

This gentleman was named ‘America’s Ass’, which made it impossible to appreciate his perfect features as captain of the high school football team. Chris Evans overflows with the aroma of the United States but in the best of ways. The beard makes him more interesting but, above all, it is that smile of good people that has made millions fall in love.

Hollywood’s most handsome actors | Montgomery Clift

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He was born in 1920, lived to be 45 years old and was nominated 4 times for an Oscar, although he did not win a single one. But above all else, Montgomery Clift was one of Hollywood’s first handsome officers. His mysterious and tormented appearance is still revered among the most classic moviegoers.

Hollywood’s most handsome actors | Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling’s beauty has long been in question. There are those who do not see anything attractive in him, and there are those who place him at the level of an Adonis. The reality is that Ryan Gosling is one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood. His aura of mystery, high type and intense actor is very popular with men and women all over the world. In addition, she has become a fashion victim and on the red carpets she gets much more out of it than before, which helps to raise the average grade.

Hollywood’s most handsome actors | Hugh Jackman

Photo: @thehughjackman

Hugh Jackman is crazy. Objectively, the Australian actor is an almost perfect beauty. Rude face, penetrating gaze, almost two meters of actor and muscles that 95% of humans do not even have in their bodies. To all this we must add that Hugh Jackman is nicer than pesetas. Close, pleasant, educated and a joker, he also knows how to sing and dance. A gem that Hollywood has lovingly cared for for over two decades.

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