What do I wear on my first day of work?

Surely all of you remember your first day of work. The nerves, justified, for meeting (among bosses and colleagues) a lot of new people, your office / office and the desire to start performing your new duties. Regretting it a lot, it is a feeling that is only lucky (the crisis prevents it). However, little by little, the light is being seen in this long and dark tunnel. Thanks to initiatives such as BBVA (you can watch the video). Dressing appropriately is vital on your first day at work, remember that first impressions are important.

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The BBVA campaign affects, like today’s article, the first day at work and the illusion and optimism that is felt. #elprimerdía recounts the experiences of 3,000 people in the first days of people who have found work thanks to the BBVA initiative.

And for those of you who are lucky enough to experience that feeling, you should know that you cannot go to work in any way and you have to keep one thing in mind: working in an accounts department is not the same as working in an agency of advertising. Depending on one case or another, you will have more or less freedom when choosing your style for work.

What you should not wear, under any circumstances, on your first day of work:

Remember that the vast majority of companies have their own clothing standards, therefore, you should avoid these garments:

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  • Never wear a t-shirt.
  • Leave bright colors for summer vacations at the beach.
  • Avoid seasonal prints (military, ethnic, flowers,…) or studs.
  • Do not abuse the complements.

You will always be right on your first day of work with:

The suit is the best ally of every man. It is never out of place and always gives that note of elegance and seriousness that your first day at work needs.

Once you have spent your first day you will be able to see how the rest of the classmates were dressed and decide one style or another depending on the classmates.

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