Pigtails or Bows for men: Photos with Ideas

It was in the 1980s when pigtails became very fashionable among men, and it happened to become a real trend for a few years. And, again, in recent years it is also coming back into fashion. Even many women like it, especially when the ponytails and bows are combined with the rest of the style (and also the outfit). In the case of pigtails, or those traditionally known as “hair tails”, they basically consist of a hairstyle, in which the hair is allowed to grow and then divided into two parts, tied with a new one on the head. In this way, the hair is left to hang down in the same way that a ponytail would (hence, effectively, its name). But there are as many ponytails as there are bows, the styles of which can be vastly different. For this reason, it is always an excellent option to have some ideas and also photographs and images that are extremely useful if we have long hair and want to make a ponytail or a bow, or when we have short hair but want to let it grow. for which patience is required and, above all, a lot of perseverance.

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Starting at the beginning: how to let a man’s hair grow?

If you ever tried to let your hair grow, but after a few months you ended up cutting it off, this is absolutely normal. And it is that to let hair grow it is essential to have patience, and especially, to be tremendously constant, and not succumb to the desire to cut it (particularly prematurely).

This is more common when we are halfway. That is, when the hair is neither too long nor too short. This moment is, in fact, considered a critical moment, especially when we get up in the morning, since the hair will not have enough volume to fall, so we will always look like a real ball of hair. Only when we have truly straight hair can we avoid this problem, although as is obvious, in most cases this is not possible.

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In fact, most guys tend to have semi-greasy or oily hair, mainly because male hair tends to be like this, since men’s scalps tend to be much more prone to sebum production, which which ends up causing the hair to become oily quite easily.

Therefore, if you want to let your hair grow, the key is first of all to have a lot of patience and also a lot of perseverance.

Then, it is necessary to shape it every two weeks or so, since the hair, by continuing to grow, will look a little weird as it increases in size. Basically it will be enough to trim the hair at the nape of the neck and slightly at the sides, to give it shape as it grows.

It is also essential to take maximum care of your hair, especially to achieve not only beautiful hair, but also healthy ones. This obviously includes using shampoo and conditioner regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. It is not recommended to brush wet hair, roughly or for too long. Dyes or bleaching are also not advisable.

Some ideas and photos of men with pigtails or bows

Contrary to what you might think, the reality is that a man’s ponytail is much more versatile. And just like a bun, it’s a type of style that can be worn by a wide variety of men, even with different hair types. The key, as you imagine, is to find the type of tail and bun that best suits your face. And not just your face, but also the texture and size -or length- of the hair itself.

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Asian Ponytail

It is a type of tail for men whose origin is found in Asia. Perhaps you remember the image of traditional samurai. Indeed, this is a ponytail with a certainly particular design or style. Hence its name.

Of course, if you want to achieve a better result, the ideal is to use an iron to straighten your hair before doing your tail.

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Curly Ponytail

If you like thick hair, and also curly hair style, there is no doubt that this ponytail style is ideal for you. This is a curly ponytail, where you leave some hair loose and only use a small portion to make the ponytail.

Half Bun (or Half Bun) Ponytail

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This is possibly a very funny name, but there may be no better way to call it. It is an ideal type of tail for when you are lazy and do not have much time to exert yourself.

You will only have to comb your hair halfway, and you will create a half bun ponytail.

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