What are the most popular men’s costumes for Halloween 2022?

The vampire, zombie and werewolf costume They are the most popular Halloween costumes among men, but there are quite a few more. In this article we are going to propose a selection of the costume models for men that are going to be worn the most this Halloween 2022 based on the latest trends and original ideas that will undoubtedly surprise you and will allow you to scare everyone at night. scary of the year What are the most popular men’s costumes for Halloween 2022 below?

What are the most popular men’s costumes for Halloween 2022?

Men have it quite clear. The vampire or Count Dracula costume is one of the most demanded on Halloween, and 2022 is not going to be an exception.

The vampire costume

As with other costume models, the vampire costume is quite simple. You only need dark colored clothing (black if possible), a white shirt and dark pants. Afterwards, you have to make up your face with pale tones and use artificial teeth or fangs.

The blood on the fangs or painting the eyes so that it appears that you have dark circles is also recommended for a good vampire costume and if you do not have a suit or costume itself, nothing like selecting a suit that you have at home, black if possible, and a vest. You can buy the cape at any costume store.

However, and despite the fact that many years have passed, the cool alternative to vampires is still Edward Cullen. The vampire played by Robert Pattinson was very well dressed but he was extremely pale. Thus, we will only need a normal outfit and a lot of white makeup on the face. Well, and put on a thinking face a lot throughout Halloween 2022.

The werewolf costume

The werewolf costume is another popular year after year. It is not difficult to make. The really important thing about this costume is that you accompany it with a good make-up on the face and extremities in brown tones, as well as spending a few days without shaving.

You can add a more canine touch to your costume with fake fangs and wolf ears. They have them in any store. For clothes you will not have a problem since a simple shirt (which can be torn as if it were torn) will be enough, in combination with jeans.

The zombie costume

The Zombies are coming! The Zombie costume for men is one of the most popular Halloween costumes, especially after the series “The Walking Dead” or the mythical Thriller video in which we can see Michael Jackson as a zombie.

The walking dead costume is a classic but now it’s the 80’s, so better leave the Rick Grimes walkers where they are and look for a Michael Jackson costume. As you can see, you need red leather, both jacket and pants, afro hair, black shoes and shiny socks. The glove, better if it’s white.

If you’re still bent on being a canonical zombie, for clothing, something similar to what we’ve said for the werewolf costume. It will be enough for you to put on clothes that you can tear or that you can stain. Zombies are undead and as such don’t do laundry, so stain your clothes as much as possible.

Mummy Costume

Mummy costume for men. This is one of the star costumes at the Halloween 2022 parties. Depending on the size you have, you should use longer or shorter bandages to cover the face and body.

Use makeup in pale shades to make it look like you’ve been dead for thousands of years.

Skeleton Costume

Also to scare this Halloween 2022, the skeleton costume is very popular. In the photo above they have chosen to put on a mask like the murderer from the Scream movies, although we can choose other options such as painting our faces white.

As for the suit, you can even buy it in multi-price stores (I’ve seen t-shirts with the same pattern) or take a white t-shirt and try painting your own skeleton.

Halloween horror makeup with mask

It is clear that Halloween 2022 is going to be marked by the use of masks. Even the upcoming Halloween will be, so it’s time to adapt to the circumstances. To achieve this, we propose several horror makeup alternatives for Halloween with a mask.

However, it is easier to adapt the makeup to the mask than the other way around, so we propose a few ideas of gloomy masks that will be the base of your horror makeup for Halloween 2022.


We start with the mother of all masks, the one of the Alien that attacked Lieutenant Ripley more than 40 years ago. If you combine it with another alien coming out of your gut, you will be the king of Halloween 2022.


Anthony Hopkins’ character in The Silence of the Lambs is still terrifying. If we choose to be Hannibal Lecter, some pale makeup and bulging eyes will suffice.


The clown from the American Horror Story series was and is terrifying. To complete the ensemble, fill in the rest of the face with clown paint and some floor-length dark circles.


In case you want to be Venom, just paint the rest of the free face black. At least we saved drawing the teeth, something quite complicated.


This idea is to be done on the mask. We can draw the mouth of a skull, put on the mask to complete the rest of the face. The result can be shocking.

Decorated mask

And if we want a premium mask, this demon skull option is tremendous. When it comes to putting on makeup, we can complete it with red tones on the face and, if we have, some yellow contact lenses.


If you are a superhero, you can opt for this other option that also seems perfect for this Halloween 2022. It consists of doing a Spiderman makeup to go disguised as this famous Marvel hero, but instead of painting the whole face we go to do something similar to what you see below.

In this way, we can make makeup that is not too complicated or difficult to achieve (from the use of red, black and white) and then combine it with a mask that protects us against the coronavirus and that be with the print of Spiderman. In this way we can celebrate Halloween without risks and also complying with the rule of wearing a mask all the time. For example, you can buy a mask model like this one you see below:


We can also choose to go dressed or disguised as Superman. In this sense, we can choose not only the costume of the famous superhero, but we can also opt for makeup as elaborate as this one that you see below. Based on the comic version (the original) of the famous superhero.

Once you have this makeup done, you will only need to add a mask to protect yourself from the coronavirus that obviously has a Superman print.


We can also choose to go disguised as a shark. In fact, this was one of the best Halloween costumes in 2022 and it is still trending in 2022 as the shark costume is featured in many Tik Tok social media viral videos or pranks. In this way, if you already have that costume bought and you want to take advantage of it for this Halloween, you can always opt for wearing it but do not forget to protect your face since the head is open. In this way and to match, you can choose to buy a mask like this.

Halloween Costumes 2022 | The latest trends

Jedi Costume

Apart from the traditions of Halloween 2022 with horror costumes, the Jedi costume will also be very fashionable and why it is simple. The new movie in the Star Wars saga was recently released so you can choose to dress as a young jedi this Halloween 2022.

You will need a cape or a tunic in a brown tone (and with a hood) and of course a white suit underneath. If you have the lightsaber you will be completely complete.

Mexican Day of the Dead Costume

Another good idea is to go for the trend of doing makeup like a Mexican skull, since they are very fashionable these days.

What you can do is make a skull makeup like the Day of the Dead in Mexico and then dress as a mariachi. Surely you will surprise more than one and you will be the most original of all this Halloween 2022.

Super Mario Bros Costume

And if you pay close attention to or like characters from television, movies or video games, nothing like dressing up as Super Mario Bros., which celebrated its 35th anniversary last year.

You can put on a jean dungarees and a red sweatshirt or shirt, accompanied by a matching cap and don’t forget the characteristic mustache that this character had. If you don’t have time to let it grow, you can choose to paint it or buy a hairpiece.

Pokémon Go Costume

One of the most fashionable costumes currently is undoubtedly that of Pokémon Go, one of the most downloaded mobile games in history, it continues to be a benchmark for Halloween 2022.

So you have the option of becoming any of the pokémon that appear in the game, but some of these are already very popular so I recommend that you bet on going as pokemon trainers.

Actually, when we play pokemon we are being trainers through our mobile, so why not go dressed as a real one?.

In addition to making this costume, you will only need a sweatshirt in the color that identifies these trainers, which is usually yellow or blue, some sports tights, which you can buy at sports stores and even at H&M, sports shoes and a backpack.

Oh! You will also need a cap and, of course, some sports gloves and also jogger pants that you can pull up so that the leggings can be seen.

And if what you want is to go as a couple, the first thing is to distribute papers. One can be Ash, another will be Pikachu and everyone will have to adapt the costume to their tastes. This couple gives an idea how good it would look.

Ready to catch live pokemon this Halloween 2022?.

The Suicide Squad Joker Costume

The look of Joker is also very fashionable but not like the usual one and yes like the new Joker from the movie Suicide Squad or Suicide Squad.

In this way, you can choose a suit similar to the one Jared Leto wears in the aforementioned movie. With a long coat, preferably lilac or a dark color.

A white t-shirt (or nothing), black pants, boots and some chains will complete your costume, for which you can also dye your hair green.

The joker’s makeup

And if you want to do the Joker makeup, we will explain it to you in this post:


However, if there is a Joker that is going to be a hit in the coming years, it will be Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. One of the most acclaimed and impactful performances of the 21st century, it has become an immediate pop culture icon. As such, one can expect that in the next half decade, we’ll see a Joker on every flight of stairs we encounter on Halloween.

To become the disturbing Arthur, we are going to have to work a bit. First thing, a red suit that is not easy to get. Or yes, who knows. Yellow vest and green shirt, to finish the look with brown shoes with white socks. As a tip, if the shoes are new, wear them before Halloween 2022, if you don’t want to end the night with tremendous scratches.

Once we have the wardrobe, it’s time to put on makeup. The hair will go green, but not as in the case of Jared Leto, but something lighter. As for the face, the style is more Joker than Heath Ledger. White face, wide red smile, like the eyebrows and blue diamonds in the eyes. Yes, there will be many who will go as Joker, but only the chosen ones will go identical to the original.

Donald Trump Costume

Finally, the costume that will surely sweep the United States this Halloween 2022: Donald Trump’s since he has been one of the most outstanding characters of the year.

The controversial Republican candidate is scary because of his racist and out of place statements so Halloween 2022 will be the time to parody him.

With a navy blue suit, red tie, and white shirt you will have the costume done, since the tricky thing is to imitate his face or indeed his hair. I recommend a wig like the one in the photo.

And for you, what are the star costumes this Halloween 2022? So that you can find more inspiration, I leave you this photo gallery in which you will surely find many more ideas

Halloween costumes 2022 for men photo gallery:


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