Types of pants: characteristics, types and styles

Do you arrive at the store and don’t know what pants to buy? Are there types of pants that you don’t even know what they mean? Can’t find pants that fit your body? Don’t worry, today we compile the types of pants that exist and the bodies to which they best fit. And it is that different styles of men’s jeans require different types of shoes.

Luckily, for decades, fashion has not stopped growing. Thus, the variety that the market offers is almost infinite. But of course, if you do not know these possibilities, it is difficult to take advantage of it. Today we bring you all types of pants: characteristics, types and styles. This will make it easier for you to hit the mark when you go shopping again.

Types of pants: Jeans/Jeans

We can affirm, without fear of being wrong, that jeans are the most recognized and famous pants in the world. For starters, its material is nearly unbreakable under normal circumstances. To this is added the universalization of this type of pants. It is run by people of all types and conditions. Also, with so many types of jeans out there, everyone has a style that fits their body.

And the types of jeans for men are for all tastes:


They are a classic of men’s fashion, although in recent years they have been hitting like they haven’t for decades. To this day, it is one of the street style trends that hits the hardest. And it does so, not only for informal looks, but also for elegant events. The cut of skinny jeans accentuates the shape of the leg and adds length to the wearer. They are ideal for tall men with muscular or fibrous legs. Also known as Slim or Skinny, they are fitted from the waist to the ankles.


Also known as straight, they are the pants of a lifetime. The straight jean that Levi’s elevated to the quintessential with its 501 model. The cut is straight from the hips to the bottom of the pants. It is similar to the cut that a normal suit would wear. It is advisable for men with larger volumes because it stylizes their figure.


Wide jeans are the opposite of skinny jeans. The cut makes the rear area loose, the leg is straight but the final cut ends in width. They are the ones that are recommended for men of great corpulence. They had their moment of glory in the late 90s, when grunge and rap took the world by storm.

High Shot and Low Shot

Both cases are cyclical fashions that, from time to time, come back to fashion. In the high waist, Levi’s are once again the model to watch. They cover a large part of the hip and rear, stylizing the figure. For its part, the low shot is for well-cared bodies because they show the lower hip area. It is a type of cut that is applied to skinny jeans and modern designs.

Types of pants

We have already seen first the types of jeans that we can find for men, but there is no doubt that they are not the only ones. In fact, once we have seen the most popular pants section, we can put jeans aside and focus on the other types of pants that we can buy for men.


In this case, we start with the Chinese. One of the usual alternatives to jeans, they are made of dense cotton. Its canonical color is light brown although, with its popularization, the range of colors has expanded to infinity.

To choose the right chino for each man, it is convenient to look at three elements of the pants:

  • Five-pocket silhouette
  • Not a cigarette
  • Made of cotton

The chino is a type of pants that adjusts to any type of body and is also valid both for something informal and for something more exclusive.


Among the types of pants, you can never miss a classic like the clamp. Basically, it is taking the pants of a suit and using it independently. This fashion began in Italy decades ago, but has become universal to the point of being a tremendous resource for any event. To combine it, nothing better than a basic t-shirt or shirt or a plain sweater.

Clip pants also work great with a vest. Undoubtedly, an ideal way to give more use to the pants than is usually given with the suit. In addition, the number of tapered pants that the current market offers means that this look is no longer for veterans.


And if we talk about classics among the types of pants, we cannot leave joggers aside. That is, the sweatpants of a lifetime. In this case, they seek comfort. Whether it’s for sports, or for something completely informal. In fact, its wide silhouette and tight ankle is given by seeking the greatest comfort to practice sports.

However, the paths of fashion have led joggers to become a trend. Some even use them for events of some relevance. What’s more, from the classic and immovable cotton, fabrics such as corduroy, tweed or wool have been used in joggers. To combine it, if we want something fixed, it’s time to wear shoes and a matching shirt.


Cargo pants are a type of pants similar to joggers, but without really being the same. It is said that they were created for the army and it seems entirely true. Its design is straight and somewhat baggy, and this is generally a type of pants that usually has many pockets, something that also distinguishes military pants.

They can be worn both in winter and in summer and although they are generally made with thick fabrics, the truth is that in recent years they are also made of fabrics that are somewhat lighter, so we can also choose them for when it’s hot .

To combine them, nothing better than a casual t-shirt or you could also wear them with a regular shirt or a polo shirt. And if you want something basic, there’s nothing better than choosing cargo pants that are khaki or khaki and worn with a white t-shirt.


The types of pants that turned sport into couture. Once the season has been opened, the sweatpants have become part of the essential fashion items outside of the sports environment. To give it a distinguished touch, many designers have chosen to put a side band on them. Like the one of a lifetime.

Whoever wants an Athleisure look should combine these trousers with elegant shoes and a white shirt. It is the quintessential Athleisure look. From there, everyone what they want. There are even those who are encouraged with a tuxedo. Be that as it may, an essential type of pants as a wardrobe basic.


Of all the types of pants in existence today, these earn the label of “Comfort Personified”.

Available in a plethora of colors and prints, from the dressiest to the most worn, these pants will soon become your personal favourites. Available in breathable fabric, with no zippers or chains to tie, the drawstring pants are perfect for a relaxed summer day!

But besides for summer, do you know that you could even use them in winter? To style these pants in winter, simply choose a thick drawstring khaki pants, pair it with a long-sleeved white T-shirt and denim jacket to feel comfortable as always.

Dress and suit pants

We have already talked about the pleated pants that are somehow dress pants, but we also want to mention these specifically. The dress pants will then be straight pants that also tend to be slightly fitted to enhance the figure. It is best to combine it with a soft-colored shirt, since it is the ideal type of pants to go to work if, for example, you are in an office.

It often happens that dress pants are confused with suit pants, although we should not be mistaken because although they may be the same in general terms, there is something different between the two that is nothing other than the jacket.

In this way, we can say that the suit pants will be those pants that are usually worn with a matching blazer or jacket to form, as the word indicates, a suit.

A dress pants, on the other hand, will also be a type of pants to dress elegantly, although as we have already said, they can be worn with a shirt without more. In winter, we can take the opportunity to also wear a sweater or a vest for a modern office look, while the suit will be more classic.


The summer pants par excellence. It is older than fashion itself but continues to save looks in hot weather. Despite this, the fashion world demonizes them, perhaps because when they are washed it is true that they wrinkle a lot.

However, nothing that an iron cannot save, and the desire to dress with pants that are very fresh and have a total summer look. If you want to get it right when wearing it, nothing like choosing a short-sleeved shirt, also made of linen or why not, a sailor polo shirt and leather sandals. It should not be missing in your closet.

They are pants that are usually presented in soft colors, those that you most want to wear, so that although it may be the pants you think about the least, it cannot be missing from your closet when it comes to looking for fresh alternatives to wear in summer .

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are shorts that every man must have to wear in summer. In fact, they are the coolest pants or the ones that you like to wear when temperatures start to rise. The best thing for this type of pants is that we can find a wide variety of styles, such as long-legged pants.

In this way, you can find denim shorts, or jean shorts.

Or we can also choose shorts that are jogger type or Chinese style shorts.

For this type of pants, nothing like choosing to combine it with polo shirts, as well as white or patterned shirts, for example, or also if it is a jogger bermuda, nothing like choosing a t-shirt.

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