Types of shirt collar for men

One of the most basic points when choosing a shirt is usually to analyze what type of shirt collar and cuffs we want it to wear Shirt. Currently, there are various types of shirt collars and that is why I wanted to give you a brief summary of the TYPES OF SHIRT NECKS and TYPES of NECKS ACCORDING to the SHAPE of the FACE and NECK.

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Types of shirt collars for men

Many men always have doubts about how to dress and especially when it comes to shirts and clothes that are a little more elegant than what they can wear on a daily basis.

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A look with a shirt with elegant jackets is very important because it is used in unconventional or causal occasions, but they require a certain etiquette, so gentlemen must be sure of what they are wearing and not only the choice of tie, the shirt and suits in terms of colors, but it is also very important that we know that there are several types of shirt collars.

In this way, we want you to know what are the types of shirt collars on the market so that you can choose one that truly helps you look better and meets your basic needs for a great look.

Then we’ll give you an insight into the best type of collar to wear with your shirts as each type of collar will make your face and upper body look a little different in the article: Tips for Choosing the best shirt collar for men.

There are many different types of collars, but there are a few that you absolutely must know

Types of shirt collars

Narrow spread collar

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This type of collar is perhaps one of the most “basic” or the one that firms tend to bet on when designing their dress shirts, that is, those that are worn with suits. It is characterized by having the tips somewhat longer than normal and separated in such a way that the neck is somewhat more closed.

Medium spread collar

It is a somewhat more current shirt. It is also usually chosen for the most formal “looks” as it can be combined with suits. It is a type of collar that is just as elegant as the one we have seen before, but it also has the particularity of being somewhat more comfortable, so it is perfect when you want your shirt collar not to be too tight.

Medium spread collar with buttons

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It is the same type of collar as the one we have seen before but with buttons at the ends. We can say that it is a somewhat more traditional type of neck, or it is usually the option of those men who, even wearing a good suit, want to be able to look much more elegant and classic.

Widely extended neck

Or Italian collar. It is wider than the ones we have seen to date, so it is perfect if you want to be able to tie a slightly wider knot or the “windsor” type that I am sure you all know. He is in fact a type of neck who always looks much better with a tie that is wide since a narrow one does not favor him too much.

Open split neckline

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This type of collar is much more formal than the ones seen previously and is usually the type of collar used for gala shirts. When you have to wear a gala suit or a tuxedo type, this is the type of collar that is recommended for your shirt since it looks perfect with a bow tie.

Rounded neck

Finally, a much more “relaxed” type of collar, perfect to wear with more informal suits or simply when you don’t want to go with a shirt collar that looks too formal or if you want to dress, for example, with simple jeans.

Types of neck according to the shape of the face and neck

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Narrow Face

Men with narrow faces should wear wide, pointed collars with short lapels. The rounded neckline can be a very good option for you and when you have to wear a suit we recommend you improve the widely extended neckline which, despite being longer, will allow your face to look somewhat more stylized.

Wide Face

Men with wide faces should choose long and narrow necklines so our recommendation will be the first neckline we looked at, the narrow extended neckline.

Long neck

Men with long necks should not fall into the mistake of using short shirt collars, shirt collars should be long. This will visually shorten the neck. The extended ones will be the best option that they can opt for even when they are not wearing a suit and are dressed casually. Those with buttons can also fit you very well.

short neck

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If the man’s neck is short, they should try to make the shirt collar long. And only if you can, wear them more openly, extended type collars might be a great option for you as well.

I leave you a video in which we talk more about the different types of shirt collars

Video shirt collars

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