Tricks to look younger

If there is one thing we are sure of when we start this article, it is that time cannot stop and there is no miraculous option for not The years may show in our physical appearance, but what we can do is take care of ourselves and implement some tricks that will help us look much younger.

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Surely you know that genetics is very determining in us, normally we acquire certain traits or behaviors that come from our parents, grandparents, etc., therefore there are times that depending on the person they may develop more gray hair, more wrinkles, etc

However, this is not everything, in fact, I would dare to say that it is the smallest part. There are many other factors that we live with on a daily basis that influence our appearance, such as the sun’s rays.

To begin, it is essential to know that the main engine of premature aging are free radicals, or better known as direct sunlight, stress, pollution, particles from the environment, tobacco smoking or frequent and excessive use of alcohol.

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But before all that, what can we do? In this post I will talk about how to deal with all that daily damage and how to reverse that premature aging to adopt an increasingly younger, stronger and more radiant appearance.

Before starting, I am going to leave you here the best valued lotions in the entire market: The 5 Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams for Men 2021.

Habits that will rejuvenate your appearance

As we have already said, despite the fact that the years go by and that has no remedy, it is completely natural! It is in our power to try to manage them as well as possible and for this I do have some solutions and tricks that they will be very simple.

Take a look and don’t forget to pay attention to all the steps!

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We must avoid rubbing our eyes

Although it seems silly, we all fall into this action at some point and start rubbing our eyes as if there was no tomorrow, but be very careful!

The simple fact of treating this sensitive area roughly can trigger somewhat unpleasant results, such as some wrinkles or the so-called crow’s feet.

The skin around the eyes is so fine and has so many small veins that we must be very careful when treating it and therefore rubbing and rubbing is not a good option!

Remember, every time you feel like doing it, imagine the damage it can cause, surely with daily perseverance, little by little you will lose that habit that we all have had!

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Carry out a cleaning routine both in the morning and at night

If there is something that we should say that is fundamental, it is undoubtedly this. Cleaning the face should be something mandatory if we want to see ourselves, not only more rejuvenated, but also healthier.

For this we will have to choose a good cleaner (which you can find in any online or physical store) such as micellar water that will serve to cover several steps of the routine and will facilitate the process, since it will save us later use of a toner that will close the pores and keep the skin in good condition (it usually does its job).

So those of you who want to go easy and fast, opting for a micellar water will be a success. Here you will find a good compilation of them: The 5 Best Micellar Waters for Men.

Even so, there are many other types of cleaners that you can choose from, it will all be a matter of taste and needs.

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Eliminating sweat, dead cells and the different particles that accumulate on the skin is essential when we wake up, but also eliminating dirt, impurities and everything that has adhered to our dermis throughout the day is another of the processes that we cannot miss at night before going to bed.

Remember that proper skin cleansing will mark a before and after on our face, if not… check it out for yourselves!

If you have any questions about how to carry out this process, here you will find the correct steps: Wash your face, how to do it correctly?

Don’t forget to choose a good serum

Surely you have heard of this product many times, and it deserves no less! It is an essential cosmetic in skin care to achieve extra hydration and comfort, as well as luminosity.

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The main function is to penetrate to the deepest layers of the dermis, thus ensuring that the properties take care of and improve the appearance of the skin from the inside.

The most important thing of all is that the serums have much more concentrated active ingredients, so the results that we will obtain after using them will be much more noticeable than with other products.

Depending on what you are looking for, you will have to choose one serum or another, since depending on the ingredients we will be able to work on certain aspects, so remember that you must know very well what your objective is and choose the serum accordingly.

In the case of most of you who are reading this post, you are surely looking for an anti-aging serum that reduces wrinkles, eliminates expression lines and gives you a juicy and illuminated appearance.

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In this link you will find more information about this elixir, you will also find a ranking where you can choose one of them: What is a facial Serum? How is it applied and which ones are the best.

The eye contour, essential to achieve a young look

You already know that the area around the eyes is the first to age, because it is the thinnest, most sensitive and most delicate, therefore we already know that we cannot rub it roughly, but do you know that it needs more care? special yet?

We cannot put cosmetics that are not for her in this region, that is, a serum or facial cream should not be applied around the eyes, since it can be a bit aggressive due to the composition of these products .

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To maintain correct care, the ideal is to use a specific product for the care of this area, only in this way will we be sure that it will remain in good condition and will also gradually adopt a more cared for, beautiful and radiant appearance.

The look is something that says a lot about us, and don’t you want to have it sad, dull and neglected? Well, you already know that to achieve that, the eye contour cannot be missing in the morning and at night!

For those of you who are looking for one, you are surely interested in knowing which are the tops on the market: 3 Best Anti-Dark Circles Eye Contours for Men 2021.

Use an SPF 50+ sunscreen

Surely you remember that in the introduction we talked about one of the main factors in skin aging being the sun’s rays and that is that sometimes we are not aware of the time we spend directly and without protection under them.

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In summer, above all, the days that we are in the pool, on the beach or even on the street during the peak hours of the sun’s most intensity, we are mistreating our skin without hardly realizing it.

The sun is necessary for the health of our body and skin, but always with protection and at times when it is not so intense, therefore using a sunscreen is something that should be included in a daily routine and that we must not forget in any case.

No matter what time of year or how long we are going to be exposed to the sun, SPF 50+ is mandatory if you want to keep your complexion in good condition and not punish it unnecessarily.

It is known that 80% of skin aging comes from the abuse of sun rays, it is time to stop that percentage!

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As an advice I will tell you that a sunscreen lower than SPF 30 will not be able to protect us, therefore we will always have to choose it a little higher. From my point of view, the safest and most effective is SPF 50+.

Drink water to hydrate from the inside

The skin must stay hydrated not only externally, but also inside it, and the only way to do it is to drink the recommended daily amount of water, approximately two liters.

With this action we will make the skin look more juicy, nourished and radiant, in addition we will avoid falling into that dull, rough and flaky appearance that always makes us older.

If you like it and you are more interested in drinking water, you can combine it with a juice such as lemon or orange, although there are many other fruits that can be used.

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Sleep the recommended hours

Today with stress, work and the hundreds of things we always have to do, when we get home we like to rest on the sofa, watching TV or spending time with the family but when it’s time to go to the bed costs us a lot to be at a correct time.

I am sure that most of you who are reading this post today go to bed late between one thing and another… and of course in the morning you wake up early to go back to work, so the hours of sleep are seen reduced frequently.

The recommended sleep time is about 7 or 8 hours, if we sleep less we will be more tired and that feeling is what interrupts the creation of collagen and other substances necessary for our body and our skin.

In addition, dark circles, puffiness, spots and even a tired, dull and listless appearance that gradually ages.

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You already know that you should find a way to go to bed earlier and sleep like a woodchuck for approximately 8 hours!

Happiness and smile, the best allies of youth

This is something that is completely proven, being happy, smiling and laughing out loud is the best medicine to be well both internally and externally.

The act of laughing improves the function of blood vessels and reduces accumulated stress, so the appearance of the face will change and take on a much more splendid presence.

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Also, for you to keep in mind, stress and moments of negative tension release cortisol and adrenaline, two elements known as stress hormones. An overload of these can lead to the presence of acne, a dull appearance, more sensitive skin than normal, etc.

So, there are no more excuses to live life with a smile from ear to ear!

Eat a good diet

What we eat will be reflected in our appearance, therefore eating a healthy diet will affect what people perceive when they see us or what we see when we look in the mirror.

Eating vegetables and fruits daily is just what the skin needs to look forever young, these foods are full of antioxidant properties, water and substances that will help reduce inflammation and achieve a healthy appearance.

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On the internet you will find thousands of recipes based on vegetables, legumes, carbohydrates and hundreds of other foods that will open up a whole world for you on your palate and that will imminently be reflected on your face.

Choose those foods that bring great benefits and eliminate those that subtract them!

Don’t be obsessed with aging

Finally, I will give you one of the most important tips. It is true that we must fight to look better and better and we must take care of the skin so that it has an extraordinary appearance, however we must not obsess over it.

The natural thing is that the years go by and with them expression lines, wrinkles, some spots and other factors appear, but think that this is the result of everything you have experienced.

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Therefore, the summary is that we must accept that the years pass but also that we can try to manage them as well as possible! and for that, surely these tricks are great for you.

I hope that all these guidelines will help you to appear younger or at least to rejuvenate your face a bit and feel more comfortable and happy with yourselves.

Now all that remains is for you to get down to work!

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