How to dress well, Men, to flirt and conquer a woman

Nowadays, why deny it?, the The external appearance of MEN is very important and even more so when Flirting and WINNING a WOMAN. Now I do not want to argue with you about the fact that the physique is important to flirt, but our look or FORM of DRESS plays a very important role when it comes to seducing a lady. A man who dresses well has many points earned.

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In the field of seduction, flirting, conquest of a woman or whatever you want to call it, we must take many factors into account. First of all our way of dressing and style. But what is the best look to attract women?

The key to good dressing

When we talk about the key to dressing well, we are referring to highlighting the parts of the body that we are interested in showing and hiding or concealing those that we are not interested in being seen. It’s that simple! Ask your friends for advice to help you with this section.

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The constitution of our body

Once we know this, we must build the image based on our body. That is why I advise you to take a look at these articles that will help you.

  • Dress well according to constitution: Fat, thin or muscular
  • Dress well according to height: Tall or short
  • Important note: Do not forget about the haircut and hairstyle, it is as important as the clothes.

As you can see, the way you look has nothing to do with your constitution, because even if you have a few extra kilos, they can be hidden with the right clothes at all times. In the same way, you must bear in mind that all men have different features and that the best thing we can do is find the best ones and highlight them.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene in a man is very important. They avoid that man who has dirty hair, badly combed, those who have stains on their clothes, those who go with a unkempt beard (if you have one), those who smell bad, neglected teeth, …

They love to feel us close. And that’s where your personal hygiene comes into play. Not only is it worth it with a good perfume, you have to be clean.

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Styles to flirt and conquer a woman

Leaving aside the issue of personal hygiene, let’s get to the point, that is, how should we dress to seduce and conquer a woman?

The suit with tie or bow tie

The suit with tie or bow tie, I don’t know what it has, but they drive them crazy. It has a special touch that says everything about you in one fell swoop. Good shoes to match the suit and the belt will help them notice you. But be careful! The suit is too formal, be careful with the events in which you use them.

The casual style, the one that never fails

Casual style is the look most used by men for its comfort and ease of combining garments. For informal events it is perfect and it is another of the styles that attracts the most attention. The “casual man” is capable of sporting a scruffy, formal look. Can you get it?

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Use jackets, light fabric sweaters, they are perfect options thanks to their comfort and if you combine them with some daring color or prints, even better.

Being ourselves, the best

But the most important thing is that you feel as comfortable as possible with yourself and the most handsome. Therefore, in our article on:

  • 10 Tricks to be much more handsome

You will find everything you need. You will see that getting the image that you want others to see of you is much simpler if you follow the tricks that we give you in this article and the articles that we have linked to.

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