Trending Crewneck Sweatshirts: Helpful Tips & Ideas

We could almost say crewneck sweatshirts look good on possibly most weather. And it is that after Paul Newman himself made them fashionable for practically six decades in a row (yes, Newman loved a sweatshirt), he offered the possibility to many men -and to fashion in general- that with a sweatshirt it was perfectly compatible to look casual but considerate, elegant but athletic. Indeed, all at the same time. And, all, with a simple and unique sweater. The truth is that, chosen well, it becomes an excellent piece of clothing: easy to put on, flatters practically every body shape, and is possibly characterized by being one of the few genuine articles of most men in men’s fashion. . The best? Obviously, its appeal must be both comfort and versatility. And if you like them as much as we do, this time we want to echo the latest trends in crew neck sweatshirts for men, with some other ideas so you can find your ideal style.

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Before taking a closer look at this wonderful key piece in every man’s autumn and winter wardrobe, it is essential to know what are some of the essential -and vital- colors that every sweatshirt should have that is precious Whether you prefer simple clothes, or even want to add interesting designs, below we start with the shades that we could consider as must-haves. Take note.

Grey round neck sweatshirts

They are probably the most traditional. And, precisely for this almost vital reason, they never, absolutely never go out of style. They offer the same sensation as a hooded sweatshirt, with the difference that this necessarily means that sweatshirts are only for sports, or for more or less casual occasions.

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For example, you can wear a shirt under the sweatshirt, or even a classic jacket over it. And, in the case of the gray crew neck sweatshirts, they look great with both navy chinos and traditional jeans.

Black round neck sweatshirts

Black sweatshirts also have a certain beauty, and their main particularity -or advantage- is that they can be worn over practically anything. In fact, the versatility of this type of sweatshirt is immediately enhanced by the enormous adaptability of the black color.

Therefore, it will match any item of clothing you want to wear, from pants to jeans, including sneakers. Black crew neck sweatshirts will be the perfect companion.

White round neck sweatshirts

Who said that white crew neck sweatshirts couldn’t be just as successful until they became the next season’s trend? It’s even always interesting to experiment with a few different brands and logos, so if you want to go for a more urban look, it’s best to go for the right graphics.

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When going out with a round neck sweatshirt… some style tips

The truth is that when you consider the possibility of going out in a round neck sweatshirt, you don’t have to go only to the simple, to the truly simple. You can go a little further.

If, for example, you opt for a black sweatshirt, you can add a touch of color with a jacket, with the odd accessory, and finish with a pair of jeans and dress boots.

And if you are looking for a more youthful and casual look, you can combine your simple gray sweatshirt with dark navy blue jeans and a black trench coat. And the shoes? Possibly a pair of white sneakers would look great.

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Finally, if you prefer a slightly more daring look, and also a bit alternative, you can add skinny jeans, canvas or black sneakers, and a blue denim jacket.

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