Trends for men Spring Summer

With the arrival of the spring season and gradually, we must begin to change our wardrobe to introduce key garments for our halftime looks. These are perfect for days between hot and cold. I love these looks, even if they are layered, since we opted for lighter garments. Let’s ditch the coat and get to know the trends for this spring/summer.

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The “half season looks” are key in the early spring days, known for their sunny mornings and sudden changes in temperature, dropping to 8 degrees or the appearance of rain. For this reason we wear many layers but made of fine fabric, which is perfect for the cold (we wear 2 thin layers) and the sun (we wear a thin long-sleeved cape).

We have already told you about some trends for men’s spring/summer for this 2013, but we want to complete all the trends with the following:

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Get the item out of your closet: Sweaters and Jackets

Jackets and knitted sweaters have become a classic spring after spring. Becoming essential garments in our “half season looks”. For the days that are “hotter” you can include them in your style as jackets or main pieces of clothing, and depending on the style, they can dress a lot.

Knit sweaters are, apart from comfortable, very practical as they are finer garments if we compare them with the ones we have worn months ago. They are perfect if we want to accompany them with jean jackets or another garment that gives a little more warmth. They are garments that are always appreciated as trends for this spring/summer.

Bermuda shorts or shorts

The time has come to show off your calves with bermuda shorts or shorts. I’m not telling you to put on your shorts now, because the temperatures don’t allow it, at least in the capital, but give it some time and you’ll start to see the boys who are bare-legged. A very versatile garment that becomes comfortable when the heat arrives. They are garments that you can wear with jackets, sweatshirts or T-shirts, or all at once.

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Denim shirts

When spring comes the blood alters. But in addition to this, denim garments begin to see the light after a harsh winter in the closet. As we could already see in the 2013 Shirt Trends, denim shirts are coming with more force, becoming men’s trends this spring/summer.

Besides, jeans and jackets are much more typical, I love them and I’m sure you may have seen them in more than one of my looks.

Shoes for Spring/Summer

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Novelties in footwear are very scarce. It seems that the boots have remained hidden in the closet until next year, boat shoes gaining more importance and the mythical sports shoes begin to take center stage in spring/summer trends.

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