Trends and Styles in Fashion for Men 2014

The best trends for men 2014 we have already shown you in previous articles so now in Modaellos we want to finish to summarize all the trends and styles in fashion for men 2014 so that you will be able to know what is going to be worn during the next year both in clothing, footwear and accessories and even haircuts and hairstyles. Are you ready?

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Trends and Styles in Fashion for Men 2014

The best trends and styles in fashion for Men 2014 are those that are close to styles such as “casual” or “denim” and specifically about this we can tell you as it will be a big trend next year.

Checked shirts will make a comeback in the same way as “bomber” type jackets, or suits in shades like blue or those that are combined with shorts. As for footwear, boots, moccasins and, of course, sports shoes will be worn a lot.

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All the trends that we show you below you can also wear with the best hairstyles and haircuts 2014 and that you can see below in this video.

Men’s suits 2014

The fashion suits for 2014 are suits that stand out for being in shades such as blue or white. Those with light patterns will also be popular, while the prevailing cut is the tight one, also known as “slim fit”. If you want us to talk about the rest of the trends for suits, you have them all in this article: Men’s Suit Trends 2014.

Men’s Shirts 2014

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Shirts with various prints, such as checkered, polka-dot or flowery, will be the big trend among men’s shirts for 2014, but denim or jean style ones are also prevailing. Endless styles to choose from and if you want to see them all, you have them in this article: Men’s Shirt Trends 2014

Men’s T-shirts 2014

I have already said that patterned shirts will be a trend next year, something similar will happen with 2014 men’s t-shirts and that they will be varied in terms of prints such as the “baroque”, the “print” style or the Striped. As a counterpoint, basic t-shirts will also be popular. In this article we explain more about fashion for t-shirts 2014: Men’s T-shirt Trends 2014.

Pants and Jeans Men 2014

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The trend pants for the next 2014 will be basically those that recreate the “rocker” style or that of the great music celebrities. Therefore many leather ones will be worn, although other more “baggy” ones will also be fashionable. As for jeans, the trend of wearing them in colors returns. You have more information in this article: Men’s Pants and Jeans Trends 2014.

Coats and Jackets Men 2014

For jackets, the trend and the fashion style that is going to be imposed will be to wear models of the “bomber” type and that are launched in different colors. If you want to see many other trends for jackets, you have them in this article: Men’s Coats and Jackets Trends 2014.

Blazers-blazers Men 2014

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As for the blazers, we have to tell you that they are going to be an essential garment to be up to date next year both in winter and in the new spring-summer season. Among the different types of blazers or jackets to choose from in 2014, it seems that blue ones or patterns like flower ones prevail. If you want to see more, you have them all in this article: American Trends-Men’s Blazers 2014.

Men’s Accessories 2014

More and more we are seeing how accessories are already common in men’s fashion. For 2014 you will be able to choose from a wide variety of bags and bags, as well as sunglasses, hats and scarves. If you want to know all the trend accessories for 2014 you have them in this article: Men’s Accessories Trends 2014.

Sunglasses Men 2014

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As for 2014 men’s sunglasses, those with a somewhat “retro” style, with large frames and those with striking prints, will be popular. In this article, Sunglasses Trends 2014, you can see all these trends and styles and many more.

Shoes and Sneakers Men 2014

For fashionable shoes in 2014, it is essential to have models like the one above, buckled shoes, although boots will also be popular, and of course, “retro” style sneakers. In this article, Men’s Shoes and Sneakers Trends 2014, we have included all the footwear that will be in fashion next year.

Men’s Shoes 2014

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I have already mentioned the trends for shoes and sneakers for 2014, but there will also be much more footwear next year and with details as striking as platforms for men. We have all the trends in this article: Men’s Footwear Trends 2014.

You already know what the trends and styles are in Men’s Fashion 2014 so you are ready to look the latest in the year that is about to begin. We at Modaellos wish you Merry Christmas and have a good year 2014.

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