Timberland trends, sandals for this summer

Timberland brand footwear is known worldwide for its winter and spring models but today we want to echo the possibilities you have to enjoy the trends For this summer. Urban and unique looks.

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Now we have become accustomed to seeing all kinds of footwear but, to put ourselves in the situation, Timberland was born in the US as early as 1973 and made the great leap to fame thanks to its welded soles instead of sewn ones, as was usual. Innovation has not ceased to be part of their philosophy as they affirm that they have developed a shoe that is 80% recyclable.

One of the models that I liked the most of the season is this chocolate brown sandal that you can also find in camel brown. Both the upper and the insole are made of leather while the sole is made of EVA rubber that also has cushioning and is non-slip.

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It is a simple but also sophisticated model that can be your perfect touch to achieve a perfect urban look.

This sandal from the same brand has a different touch from the other sandals, an organic design that makes it striking among the others but for many it can be uncomfortable due to the toe support. It has a recycled sole and is also made up of 50% recycled materials, which is a direct statement towards caring for the environment.

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