The way of dressing and the style of Henry Cavill

Known for having been Superman and now Geralt de Rivia in the Netflix series, The Witcher, Henry Cavill is a man who has an imposing physique and perhaps for this reason he usually attracts a lot of attention with each item of clothing he wears. Let’s see below, how is the way of dressing and the style of Henry Cavill.

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The actor tends to always bet on a fairly informal style of fashion, although when we see him attending his movie premieres or on the red carpet, he chooses outfits that are quite classic.

Henry Cavill’s way of dressing and style | Casual style

We begin our review of Henry Cavill’s way of dressing and style, reviewing how the Superman actor usually looks when he doesn’t attend premieres or we don’t see him in an elegant suit. Her more informal style tends to focus above all on the use of t-shirts and jeans, as we see in the image below, in which she also appears with a V-neck sweater. A look that is not outlandish, and not risky either, but that goes well with her style, always quite basic and relaxed.

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Cavill is also quite assiduous in combining those straight jeans that he usually wears with basic sweatshirts, hoodies and hiking boots, a fairly basic “look”, for which firms such as Zara or H&M bet in their current catalogs for the season winter 2020.

On some occasions we have seen him even more relaxed than with the previous “looks”. Cavill usually opts for comfortable clothes, and since he is always “caught” going in and out of the gym, it is normal to see him dressed as we see in this other image, with a black t-shirt and tracksuit. A style that has no secret, but that inspires many of his followers.

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In some of his acts, especially when it comes to serving the fans, we have seen how Henry Cavill’s style was not as relaxed as wearing a tracksuit. We saw him, for example, at the San Diego Comic-Con, dressing impeccably in a simple white shirt and dark-colored “slim” jeans. A “look” that, again, has no secret, but certainly suited her really well.

And from time to time, we have also seen him wearing shirts and pants that are essential and trend-setting in today’s men’s fashion. This is the case of the outfit he is wearing in this other image, with a checkered shirt, which suits him very well, and navy blue chino pants with a “slim” design. A successful outfit for all kinds of occasions, but that you can copy, for example, to go to work.

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It seems that the improvement in the actor’s style, his physique and that he is working more and more, has led firms to look at him as an image. In this way, we saw him posing so incredible for the Ermenegildo Zegna campaign a few years ago and it seems that he wanted to maintain the style that he maintains at the moment.

Henry Cavill’s way of dressing and style | formal style

As for the formal style that Henry Cavill has when dressing, we have to tell you about the commitment that the actor makes for the most classic suits, but you will not see him with suits that are of the “slim fit” type or too tight , since his body is quite stout (92 kilos), but he is “only” 185 cm tall, so we always see him in straight suits, and in colors like black, although this does not mean that he looks boring. In fact, he usually also chooses very modern ties, as we see him in this image, with a black suit and a tartan print tie.

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On the other hand, linen suits are another of the formal alternatives that Henry Cavill is committed to, although he does without the blazer or jacket and chooses linen pants in a neutral tone, combined with a matching shirt. A pretty fresh summer “look” and at the same time, very elegant.

And when we have seen him wearing outfits that are somewhat more risky, he has not been as successful as with the two previous proposals, but this does not mean that he has not appeared elegant. This is the case of the double-breasted suit with wider lapels that we see now, which is not his best “look”, but certainly makes him stand out from the majority.

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On the other hand, from time to time he has wanted to choose suits that stand out for color, although never a full color suit. Instead, he prefers to wear a blue blazer suit, but black pants and shirt.

Or we have also seen him with a suit that had a checkered pattern, although to make the “look” more stylized, he also opted for the use of a matching vest, thus wearing a three-piece suit that is made a type of suit that sets the trend for this 2020.

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And of course, we have also seen him with formal outfits, although without it having to be a suit. This is the case of the “look” that we show you below, with Cavill wearing a nice gray turtleneck sweater with flower embroidery, also combined with dark-colored dress pants.

It seems that this type of “look” of jersey + dress pants is something that Henry Cavill likes, if we take into account that he recently repeated a similar outfit to attend the premiere of his new series, The Witcher.

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And in this last image that we want to show you about Henry Cavill’s style and way of dressing, we see him in a classic-style tuxedo with which he attended the Oscars ceremony. A very classic suit, in black and with a white shirt, which was only allowed to be “modernized” slightly by betting on the blazer or velvet jacket.

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