The latest in footwear for men

We begin this special on footwear with a few small examples of the models that are going to set trends this upcoming season, spring-summer, which I hope will help you decide on one of the models that I give you. Do you want to know the fashion footwear for the spring-summer 2013 season and thus be able to be prepared? Let’s go for it.

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Sneakers will never go out of style

What I like today about sneakers is their design, that they combine with our clothes and that they adapt to our daily rhythm of life, for this reason, many brands have already begun to invest part of their large budget in researching what will be the perfect model, not only taking care that its appearance is the best but also looking for maximum comfort. And this is what happens with these New Balance sneakers or Redskins sneakers.

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New Balance S410 Shoes. You can find them at for a price of €75.00

Apart from the shoe itself, we have another model for this spring-summer which are the black trainers, these are widely used by the Italians, in fact, I can remember some Italian Serie A players dressed in the club’s own suit wearing some dark sneakers. A safe value in our wardrobe, since in addition to being able to wear them with the sport look, we can also use them with jeans and a shirt and a jacket. How can these Redskins shoes be that are comfortable as a glove.

Redskins Tonaki shoes, which you can find in Sarenza. it is for €99.90.

Classic shoes with a renewed air

I can see, year after year, that many classic models, such as the dress shoe, the mask moccasin or even the suede ankle boot, are being reinvented, since they adopt new shapes in their last, improvements in their materials and reinventing new finishes. showing with them an aspect that makes us feel more like changing shoes with each passing season, even buying several pairs. And this is what happens to me with these “Fluchos Fernando”, classic shoes with a modern touch.

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