The styles of Brad Pitt and George Clooney, two icons in men’s fashion

Brad Pitt is a celebrity who No one can deny that he is an icon in men’s fashion. No matter the occasion, he always exudes confidence and security with everything he wears, and he has his own style. You may be wearing a slim fit, but you’ll still look comfortable because of your unbuttoned shirts. He may just be wearing jeans, but the way he wears his shirts will make him look very sexy.

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He usually wears suits but without a tie or belt, or with shirts with an unbuttoned base (or Mao) collar, or simply with ties but with the first button of the shirt unbuttoned.

George Clooney is another icon in men’s clothing. She has the classic look of Hollywood stars, but she also has a very personal style that always turns heads. His style is simple, but not boring. It’s classic, but not stuffy.

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George also wears suits without a tie and with his shirt unbuttoned, however he is still extremely neat. The suits she wears are always impeccable and all the accessories are carefully combined. He loves to wear suits with no shirt underneath, but instead with polo shirts and combining sports jackets with sweaters.

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