The style of Christopher Abbott, protagonist of Girls

We have no doubt that television series influence aesthetics, and even the behavior of society. It already happened with Mario Casas, but it happens again with Christopher Abbott, the actor who gives life to the main character in “Girls?”. Today we want to give you both the style of the series and his personal one. Do you want to know how you dress?

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Today I want to talk about a revelation series this season, “Girls”, initially designed for girls, but which has been engaging both genders as an audience thanks to its very diverse plots and for all tastes. Have you been able to see any of its chapters? I leave you a Video with the Trailer of the series “Girls”.

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Today I do not want to talk about the protagonists, since everything is said and written, but about the actor who gives life to Charlie Dattolo, Christopher Abbott, who is the fundamental piece within the great cast of the headline directed and written by Lena Dunham, versatile director . Want to get to know Christopher Abbott a bit more?

Charlie Dattolo’s character

This has undergone a big change compared to the first season. He started out as a boy who didn’t “paint much”, of little to say, with the face of never having broken a plate and with a lack of both personality and charisma. Logical on the other hand having such a woman at his side.

The style was conspicuous by its absence, at least in the first stage. He used very, very, very basic clothes, even becoming tacky and flat-colored, which we could see in his first chapters. And it wasn’t conspicuous, as you’d expect.

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Style transformation

Already in the second season we could see the great change that his character and his style, that of Charlie Dattolo, gave. He has grown his beard long and now has a much more modern hairstyle. All this is justified in the plot due to the change in life that his character undergoes, facing a new stage when his girlfriend leaves him.

No flat colors and clothes without style. Along with his new “Grooming” he brings us many patterned shirts, jeans that are perfect, and jackets that are trendy in the US.

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Have you ever seen the series? Do you like him as an actor? And her style?

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