The style and haircuts of Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey has been crowned tonight as Best Actor of the year for being an Oscar winner for his role in the movie “Dallas Buyer’s Club” and that has marked a significant leap in his career. The actor now also stands out for outfits and hairstyles that many copy and that we show you below.

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Matthew McConaughey’s style

Matthew McConaughey may be currently an icon of a good actor, and above all a man with style, but the truth is that it has not always been like that. The interpreter of unspeakable clunkers like “Wedding Plans” has been unstoppable for a couple of years thanks to titles like “Magic Mike”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Dallas Buyers Club” or the “True Detective” series and it seems That good taste when choosing his latest roles has also translated into knowing how to improve, and a lot, in his outfits.

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McConaughey has almost always distinguished himself by sporting a somewhat tacky urban style in which his muscles stood out, but since losing them to play the character for which he just won an Oscar, it seems that he is much closer to the style “casual” and he doesn’t mind putting on a good suit.

What in the past were quite debatable sleeveless shirts, today translates into elegant tuxedo suits, two or even three pieces.

And since this talented actor lives not only on galas and award events, he has also stood out in recent years for joining such recurring trends as the “denim” style, which he knows how to wear with a matching jean shirt and jeans.

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In any case, it should be added that the actor has had his own “casual” fashion brand for a few years now, JKLiving (photo above from the latest collection) and with which he helps various school programs, so in addition to selling garments inspired by his style, he helps children with hardly any resources to access a good education. That’s having style and the rest is nonsense!.

The “elegant” style of Matthew McConaughey

At the recent Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood, McConaughey shone with his own light thanks to his successful black and white Dolce & Gabbana suit.

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On previous occasions and in other awards ceremonies we have seen him combining the most elegant suits with others that are more informal but also successful, such as the always perfect navy blue suit, with a white shirt and no tie.

Sometimes he has wanted to risk something more, although he has not lost an iota of style for that. At the 2013 Spirit Awards we saw him in a suit but without a jacket, and again with his blue shoes, a shoe to which he is apparently addicted since we always see him with the same pair of shoes, or they are all the same.

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At this year’s Spirit Awards, held a few days ago, the actor opted for a three-piece suit in brown tones but again with the same shoes. Have I not already told you that he is a true fan of this type of footwear? It must be that they bring him luck.

His latest successes in fashion have also led him to be noticed for advertising campaigns, and although we already saw him years ago taking off his shirt for the One fragrance, in the last one he starred in last year with Scarlett Johansson we saw him with a scruffy outfit style that caused him to gain new fans at once.

Matthew McConaughey’s hairstyles

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Regarding Matthew McConaughey’s hairstyles, we have to point out that the actor has curly hair, so we always see him with somewhat long cuts, although in recent times he has been characterized a little more by the classic hairstyle with parting and with his somewhat stretched curls.

For years we saw him with the hairstyle you see above, in which he left his curls naturally. A “look” that was quite flattering on him when he was younger but on the other hand is somewhat out of fashion.

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I personally think that it is much more successful when you leave your hair short and with its natural curls. Also, a beard looks great on him, so this “look” for curly-haired men can be quite an inspiration, don’t you think?

Now, what doesn’t suit her at all is the wet-look hair that she wore years ago with both her hair disheveled and combed back. In both cases it seems that the wet “look” does not favor him too much. By the way, with photos like this, it was said that the actor had a hair implant a couple of years ago, what do you think?

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