The rules for combining your shoes with your suit

95% of suits are one color. They are considered an elegant, simple and clean garment, where the accessories are what make the difference. For this reason, knowing the rules for combining your shoes with your suit is essential.

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The rules for combining your shoes with your suit

When buying a suit, there are many elements that we must take into account. In fact, it should be done before buying it and not after, so that combining it is easier. Thus, knowing the rules for combining your shoes with your suit will allow us to play it safe, knowing in advance what we want and how we are going to combine it.

Obviously, not everyone knows what the rules are for matching your shoes to your suit. Therefore, we are going to detail them so that you can look perfect in your new suit.

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The rules for combining your shoes with your suit: Business

The first impression is more than relevant in today’s business world. Before talking to a person with whom we are going to close an agreement, we will see her arrive from afar and we will have time to get an idea of ​​her personality, just by seeing the look she presents. Thus, in the business world, knowing the rules for combining your shoes with your suit is essential.

In this sense, the most accurate and safe suit for the business world is navy blue. We are talking about a classic color that is not too flashy, but not too solemn either. Without a doubt, a winning bet that we can complete with shoes of three colors:

  • Navy blue suit + black shoes – A blue suit with black shoes is a discreet but safe bet. The combination always gives an appearance of conservative elegance and allows us to focus on what is really important, the business itself. Ideal for those who do not want to spend too much time choosing their outfit.
  • Navy blue suit + navy blue shoes – It is a riskier bet than black but much more striking. It looks professional but also denotes a tremendous sense of fashion and being up to date in this aspect. Of course, if we opt for navy blue shoes with a navy blue suit, the shoes should be a darker tone
  • Navy blue suit + cognac shoes – Without a doubt, the coolest and most groundbreaking bet of the three that we propose. We are talking about a deep brown color, which offers a sensational, elegant and groundbreaking contrast with the navy blue suit. The image is just as elegant as the previous two but with a key distinctive element. In the end, in business, the one who stands out is the one who succeeds and clothing is an element like any other to achieve it.

The rules for combining your shoes with your suit: Business

The distinction we make between business and Business is that in this second section, we talk about relevant businesses, special occasions and moments in which elegance must reach its highest point. In this case, the alternative that we propose will always be a custom-made black suit that is impeccable down to the smallest detail.

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The question is, with what shoes do we combine a black suit for a business look of maximum elegance? Again, we offer three alternatives.

  • Black suit + dark brown shoes – It is the safe option that never fails. The contrast created by the black suit with the dark brown shoes is ideal to give a feeling of elegance, sobriety and security. Combination without stridency but without possible failure.
  • Black suit + black shoes – If we want to bet on continuity, we can also take black shoes and the combination presented is a total black look that oozes elegance, as well as simplicity. Of course, in order not to appear too serious with our outfit, it is recommended that the shirt or tie give the look a touch of color. We are going to do business, not to a wake.
  • Black suit + red shoes – Why not? If everyone is going for black and dark brown, let’s take advantage of the situation to stand out in the simplest way: with bright red shoes that draw attention but are not loud or flashy. Simply, different, risky, with personality. Only for the brave.

The rules for combining your shoes with your suit: Informal

When it comes to wearing a suit, it doesn’t always have to be for work. A suit can be worn for an informal meeting, but in that case, we must make it look like one. A relaxed outfit, idle but always combined and carefully thought out.

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Thus, the most suitable option for an informal look is a gray suit. The color is sober and elegant enough to make us shine, but it allows us to combine it with other accessories that give it the fun and casual touch that we are looking for. We can even use it in business meetings that do not require so much protocol.

If we opt for a gray suit, the color options in the shoes that we propose are two:

  • Grey suit + dark brown shoes – The secret for a gray suit to combine wonderfully with a dark brown shoe is that the intensity of both colors is similar. That said, and despite not being a common combination, it looks great

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  • Grey suit + black shoes – It is the bet that 99% of people would make when buying a gray suit. The truth is that black shoes make the gray suit a more elegant and sober choice than the previous one. We could say that it is the closest option to business style, while still being informal.

The rules for combining your shoes with your suit: Casual

Basically, this look that we are going to recommend is for a workplace where it is not mandatory to wear a suit but you do want to wear a suit. Of course, not too formal. In such a case, the clear bet is the blue suit. And the combination of the shoes, in this case, two winning options.

  • Blue suit + navy blue shoes – Combining the blue suit with navy blue shoes will be the perfect combination. Elegance and sophistication but with a chill and casual touch.
  • Blue suit + white shoes – Obviously, when we talk about white shoes, we are not talking about shoes, but about classic sneakers that all brands have. Some sneakers that will give a clean feeling to the look and make it ideal to be comfortable and elegant at the same time.

The rules for combining your shoes with your suit: Summer

And what happens in summer? Basically, that we should avoid colors that give heat. In such a case, turquoise blue is the choice of the moment.

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  • Blue Suit + Black Shoes – Black shoes should be as breathable as possible so they look stylish but don’t burn your feet.
  • Blue Suit + Navy Shoes – A navy shoe on a light blue suit always works.

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