The new trend in car rental: the car by subscription

If you want to enjoy the best of having a car and avoid all the implications of having it (insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc.), it is more than likely that you will be interested in renting a car month by month, without permanence, being able to change your car without obligation. We tell you more about this new trend, what are its advantages and how you can get your vehicle.

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What is Wabi and how does it work?

Subscription car rental is here to stay, there is no doubt about that, and Wabi is Santander Consumer’s new subscription car service, which consists of a mobile application that allows you to rent your vehicle for a month or the months you need it.

It works in a very simple way: you register on the platform through the app, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes. You have to validate your driving license, enter a payment method and choose the car that best suits your needs. Then you just have to pick up the car at the dealer you have chosen, they will give it to you clean and disinfected. In addition, there is no registration or entry commission.

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The only requirement to be able to access this car rental service for months is to have a valid driving license and have a minimum of 7 years old license, so the minimum age is 25 years old.

Wabi Advantages

One of the most engaging things is that it is an easy car rental, since you can get your own vehicle for a month without the need for paperwork or endless time waiting for everything to be ok. You simply access the app or the web, register as we have indicated before, and in a few minutes you already have hired the car of your choice.

As it is a subscription car rental, a single monthly payment is made and you do not pay for days or hours, so you will not have surprises. With just one payment, which starts at 300 euros, you will have your own car for a month, without worrying about anything other than enjoying driving and the destination, which is a low cost compared to all the expenses involved in owning a vehicle. own. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have 1500 mileage in 30 days and if you need more, you can keep driving and pay for that extra extra.

As we told you a few lines ago, it is a monthly subscription to have a vehicle, which means that you only have a stay of one month, you use it during that month and if you want, you can cancel or renew. There is no cost to unsubscribe, you just have to do it from one month to the next, being able to subscribe again when you need a car again. Or if you need a car for a season, you can subscribe for two, three or as many months as you need and cancel your car whenever you want.

All cars offered are new or used up to 4 years.

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Another very important point is that you can choose a car but, if you need to change it for any reason, you can change the model without any commitment. In addition, you can find a wide range of vehicles, from family cars, traditional cars or SUVs, and also with different types of engines: diesel, gasoline, hybrid and electric.

All expenses are included in the monthly fee: roadside assistance, comprehensive insurance, maintenance, etc.

You can include a second driver for your vehicle, all you need is that he is also registered in the application, and at no additional cost (which does not happen with other leasing services).

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Once you have made your reservation you can have your vehicle available immediately or with a maximum of 48 hours at the dealer you have chosen for the collection, you can also opt for home delivery for some cars in Madrid ( announce that it will soon be available for the entire fleet).

Afterwards, you can use your car by subscription for whatever you want: work, getaways, vacations, as a replacement when your car is in the workshop, to check if a car model would fit you more permanently, if you want to know If you could get profitability from having your own vehicle, among others.

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