Get a double ticket for the MBFWM 2015

For true fashion lovers, those who have always wanted to enjoy the catwalk and the parades of the most important firms , we tell you how to get a double ticket for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid 2015.

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The next appointment you have with fashion will be on February 6 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week catwalk in Madrid, which will end on February 11. For those of you who still don’t have your tickets, you can get them for free with the promo launched by Movistar Fashion Tweet, which will raffle 11 double tickets from January 26 to the 31st.

To be able to participate in this contest there is only one requirement, it is essential that you be from Movistar. If you meet this minimum, in order to participate, you need to register for the promotion through the Movistar Fashion Tweet page and, from that moment on, start uploading tweets with the hasthags #Movistarfashiontweet and the hashtag of the bid to which you you bid (eg #chair1 (it is bid 1), #chair2 (it is bid 2), #chair3 (bid 3)…).

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There are going to be 11 different bids and each of them will allow you to see specific parades (later on we will tell you when the bids are held and which parades each of them includes), drawing a double ticket in the morning and another in the afternoon until on January 31st.

Those who get the most points with their tweets will be the ones who win double tickets for those specific shows. How to get more points? For uploading a tweet you have 1 point, if you get a favorite it is worth 2 points and getting a RT is worth 3 points.

Bid Map

Below, in each bid number you will be able to see what date it will be drawn and what shows it represents:

#Puja 1: Monday 26 T a TO ATTEND FRIDAY 6
20:00 Uneven

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#Puja 2: Tuesday 27 M a TO ATTEND SATURDAY 7
11:00 Duyos
12:30 Roberto Verino
2:00 p.m. Andres Sarda

#Puja 3: Tuesday 27 T a TO ATTEND SATURDAY 7
3:30 p.m. Hannibal Laguna
5:00 p.m. The 2nd Skin Co
18:30 Tessa Helbig
20:00 Etxeberria

#Puja 4: Wednesday 28 M to ATTEND SUNDAY 8
11:00 Moses Nieto
12:30 David delfin
14:00 Roberto Torretta

#Puja 5: Wednesday 28 T a TO ATTEND SUNDAY 8
15:30 Juana Martin
17:00 Francis Montesinos
18:30 Juan Vidal
20:00 Ion Fiz

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#Puja 6: Thursday 29 M to ATTEND MONDAY 9
11:00 Ulises Merida / Esther Noriega
12:30 p.m. Angel Schlesser
14:00 Amaya Arzuaga

#Puja 7: Thursday 29 T to ATTEND MONDAY 9
16:00 Ana Locking
17:30 Devotee & Lomba
19:00 Juanjo Oliva
20:30 Portugal Fashion: Anabela Baldaque, Julio Torcato, Miguel Vieira

#Puja 8: Friday 30 M to ATTEND TUESDAY 10
11:00 Ailanto
12:30 p.m. Alvarno

#Puja 9: Friday 30 T a TO ATTEND TUESDAY 10
15:00 Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
17:00 María Escoté / Maya Hansen
19:15 Miguel Marinero / Jesus Lorenzo

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#Puja 10: Saturday 31 M to ATTEND WEDNESDAY 11
10:30 Gomez
12:00 Antonio Sicilia / Xavi Reyes
14:00 Natalia Rivera / Mikelcolás

#Puja 11: Saturday 31 T a TO ATTEND WEDNESDAY 11
16:00 Jessica Conzen / María Clé Leal
18:00 Mary Magdalene / Davidcatalan
19:30 Pepa Salazar / Lug Von Siga

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