The new techniques in surgery and hair treatments

Every time we give more importance to the care of our image and our hair is one of the pillars of our appearance. However, many times, having beautiful, well-groomed and healthy hair is not so easy. That is why more and more people are turning to hair surgery and hair treatments to get the hair they have always wanted.

From Hair & Be they tell us about some of the latest technologies in hair surgery and the most innovative hair treatments of the moment.

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Hair surgery

Here we tell you about some of the hair surgeries most in demand by Hair & Be clients, what they consist of and what their results are.

Scalp hair graft

Scalp hair grafting has evolved a lot in recent years. At the Hair & Be clinic they have the latest technology and for this procedure they use the FUE technique with a sapphire scalpel.

The most important structure in a hair transplant is the follicular unit, that is, groups of one to four follicles and the sebum glands. With this, we will take into account the density of follicular units, that is, the number of follicular units per cm2. But we must also take into account the piloeresctor muscles (they make the hair stand on end) and collagen.

Why is the FUE technique with sapphire scalpel used by Hair & Be special? because it can perform a transplant of up to 3,000 follicular units, which would be up to 6,000 hair follicles.

Eyebrow Graft

When we talk about hair grafting, we always think of the head but hair surgery on the eyebrows is also very fashionable, requested above all by women.

This technique has several phases, according to information from Hair & Be. The first thing is to make the final design that we will want for the eyebrows, since they have a lot of weight visually on our face. Later, with local anesthesia, some incisions are made respecting the original hair growth. Finally, the previously extracted hair follicles are grafted.

Beard Graft

And yes, we can also request a beard hair transplant surgery. In this case, it is essential that the client attend a first visit to assess whether they are suitable for this surgery, since the procedure is more selective than for scalp grafting and not all clients are suitable.

However, it is best to put yourself in the hands of professionals like Hair & be and they will inform you of the best surgeries and treatments for your case.

Hair treatments

If you do not want to undergo hair surgery but you are looking for healthier and stronger hair, you can also resort to other hair treatments like these that are performed at the Hair & Be clinic.

Mesotherapy with Biotin

It is a hair treatment that consists of painlessly infiltrating bioactive substances that give strength to the hair follicles so that they can carry out complete and optimal life cycles. That is, we will achieve more growth and greater thickness of the follicles, avoiding their fall.

Its main objective is to provide the follicular nutrition necessary for the metabolic reactions that help the proper growth and development of hair follicles to take place.

Mesotherapy with Amino Acids

Another state-of-the-art hair treatment that is in high demand at the Hair & Be clinic is mesotherapy with amino acids. It is a treatment similar to the previous one because the infiltration of bioactive substances is also produced, painlessly, to strengthen the hair follicles. But in this case, and unlike the previous treatment, its objective is to form the proteins necessary to build the follicular units.

It is a minimally invasive technique that requires no preparation time and allows the patient to immediately return to their daily life.

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