Children’s shoes just like dad’s

One of the trends that we see the most today is dressing little ones the same as their parents or their moms. If you want to join this trend, don’t lose sight of the game that footwear can play and how cute children’s shoes are that are the same as their father’s.

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Regardless of what your style is, the season of the year we are in and your favorite colors, I am sure that you will find children’s shoes that could be dad’s shoes in mini size. In online shoe stores like Carrilé you can find: espadrilles, menorquinas, pool or beach flip-flops, house slippers, sandals, slippers, dress shoes, boots, among others, if you go to their adult section you can find the pair in men’s size . You will be surprised how easy it is to find the same style for both, almost the same design and the same colors.

Look at these bluchers. Because I tell you that they are for children, otherwise who would not think at first that it is a gentleman’s shoe? This type of dress shoes for boys feels wonderful, both for formal and informal events, which can be a communion or a summer wedding since, in this model, it is a nubuck shoe, with lining and breathable leather sole.

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What clothes can it be combined with? Whether it’s for you or your son, think of a linen suit, chinos (which never go out of style) or, if you’re looking for a shoe for everything, combine them with shorts for a more casual look, one of those arrangements but casual.

On this occasion, the size of this espadrille is better perceived in the photograph but you will see that it is a perfectly combinable model, so it is most likely that you will find an equal model in adult size.

These espadrilles are from Scalpers and have a hemp sole, with a blue denim-like cotton textile fabric. Ah! important, especially when we talk about children, the sole contains non-slip rubber.

And how to combine them? This type of footwear is ideal for the most casual looks, being ideal for the half-time periods in which we need the shoe to breathe but not be completely exposed. And, being a casual style, it combines wonderfully with shorts and a shirt, you can also change it for a T-shirt or polo shirt, this depends on your styles.

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We could not finish talking about similar footwear between parents and children without talking about Converse, which is the typical footwear that you can find for all ages, tastes, being unisex or with more personalized details.

On this occasion, we bring you the typical and traditional Converse boot, with its holes on the sole of the foot to promote foot breathing, which is tied with laces and its wide white rubber sole. For the most followers of the brand, I will not tell you anything new, but for others, you can find high boots like these or you can find it in its sneaker-type version, just as the type of closure can vary. You have all the solid colors you can imagine, as well as striking prints. For the more daring and that you have several models, have you thought about using one model of each for each foot? The other day I saw it on a guitarist and I don’t know if it won’t end up creating a trend.

And how to combine this shoe? It is the key to turning any look into something formal and informal, it goes with absolutely everything, it just depends on the tastes of who wears it.

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