The new look of Tom Holland

If there is an actor who is very fashionable, it is Tom Holland, who is the new Spiderman in Marvel movies and whom We will see much more doing this character, a young, nice actor who has always been nice and nice to his fans. But that’s not all, this 24-year-old actor has also started to stand out for all his looks, and given his great impact we can see him more and more in fashion magazines and how he enjoys changing his looks and hairstyles.

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What we must be clear about is that all of Tom Holland’s looks are simple and basic looks; that is to say, on few occasions, if not at all, you will be able to find him with an extravagant garment or with very bright colors, it is already difficult to see him with t-shirts or sweatshirts full of prints.

The most normal thing is to see a Tom Holland combining jeans or chinos, with different cuts, such as skinny or cargo; together with basic t-shirts in grey, black or other flat tones such as navy blue or maroon.

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In cold times, Tom usually chooses denim jackets or over shirts when he prefers a more formal look, but in everyday looks it is not uncommon to see the young actor wearing a simple sweatshirt and sweatpants.

If we look at his footwear, Tom wears a lot of boots or booties, more than shoes, but it’s not difficult to see him with basic more sporty shoes, so we can see how the new Spiderman knows how to adapt to the circumstances of the moment and combine it with your personal tastes.

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