The looks and style of The Wanted and the phenomenon of the “Boy Band”

Lately I’m noticing that my music playlist, whether it’s for work or running, is full of songs from the so-called “Boy-Bands”. In this phenomenon, which reappears again, we find the British band “The Wanted” which has become a revelation of the moment, becoming a reference group. That is why we want to analyze their looks and style.

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Almost by magic, the musical style of the “Boy-Bands” has resurfaced, like when we listened to the Back Street Boys. Within this renewed phenomenon we find a Spanish band, Auryn, and the British bands One Direction and The Wanted.

Before starting with the style and looks of The Wanted I would like to make a small mention of the rest of the “Boy-Bands”, the bands of Auryn and One Direction.

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A little review of the Boy-Bands of the moment

  • One Direction

We have said everything about the One Direction style. Without a doubt, it is the “Boy-Band” that is most liked and in terms of style they are not far behind. They always try to go accordingly among the members of the group, combining extraordinarily. They know how to combine perfectly, and without any kind of fear, jackets, shirts, bow ties, suspenders,… with their fantastic hairstyles: toupees, crests, bangs, very short hair,… as we can see in one of their latest video clips “Kiss You”. Very well done!

One Direction-Kiss You

  • Looks and style of the Spanish Auryn

In Auryn’s looks we can see many sweatshirts and hats, according to their age. However, little by little, they are giving way to jeans, jackets, sweaters and leather jackets. It is curious, because seeing many photographs of galas in which they have made an appearance, I have realized that they combine their clothes with each other. They have known how to improve quickly and have known how to go from wearing youthful clothes (colors, …) to wearing more fitted and flattering clothes, as we can see in their latest video clip “Heartbreaker”.

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Auryn – Heartbreaker

  • The Wanted looks and styles

The Wanted, like One Direction, is one of the most international groups of the moment. This British-Irish band took the definitive step in 2010 and to this day they continue to reap hit after hit. The last one, one of the best known and recognized worldwide, has been “Chasing the sun” (with more than 48 million views on YouTube).

The Wanted-Chasing the sun

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It is one of the bands whose looks and styles cannot be overlooked. As we can see in all their video clips, they are a group that use more casual or casual looks. Wide T-shirts, suspenders, torn jeans, … with a special touch to their garments combined with scarves, … A very masculine style that risks just enough in their looks to achieve maximum balance.

What do you think about the looks and styles of the Boy-Band in general? And in particular with The Wanted?

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