The keys to be a more attractive man

Sometimes we believe that an attractive man is a handsome and elegant man, but the truth is that the attractiveness of someone also has a lot to do with their personality and not just with the style or appearance they have. Let’s see then, what are the keys to being a more attractive man

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The keys to being a more attractive man

How to be attractive? It is not a simple question, but we know that there is more than good looks and also why not, having a good social position so that those around you consider you attractive.

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When you want to be attractive, there are things you can do even if the genetic factor and bank account are disappointing. Let’s see then some keys that are important to achieve your purpose.

When you’re wrong, admit it

Forget about being handsome, if you don’t behave decently. The ability to admit when you’re wrong is the fastest passport to attractiveness. Why? Because many of us refuse to do it. We spend our lives desperately trying to appear worldly, intelligent, and in control.

We know everything, you can trust us, we are the person who solves all the problems; but isn’t it exhausting? Admitting that you are wrong or that you don’t know something is not a weakness; It is an act of courage. Show that you want to learn, that you have a thirst for knowledge and that will make you more attractive and not only to women, but to everyone who deals with you. Be humble and you will be more attractive.

Cut your hair

This is easy. Having a good haircut can score you points as an attractive man in no time. Try the current fashion styles if you want, but you also have to find your own style. Also, be aware of your dandruff or other scalp problems and try to resolve them, they don’t go away on their own. If you feel fantastic you can pass for attractive.

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Grow a beard

The beard can be the differential element to multiply your attractiveness. We are not talking about a lush or extremely long beard, but rather a beard that has lasted for several days but that looks well-groomed.

A study conducted in Oxford showed that women, other things being equal, preferred men with beards. The reason is that his image is, in addition to being more attractive, more aggressive and of a higher social status.

Train your body language

Your body and your postures speak for you, so take care of them as much as possible. When flirting, women prefer expansive postures, that is, do not cross your arms, as you will give a feeling of being closed and defensive.

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Show calm, confident and relaxed. Train the postures, simulate the situations and get ready for an interaction that, if you don’t take care of it, can last minutes, but if you know how to handle it, it can last for hours.

Wear a good pair of shoes

You don’t have to spend a fortune, but at least they have to be clean, fit like a glove, and match your clothes. It is also important that you know when it is time to wear shoes and when it is time to wear sports shoes. Both options are equally elegant, but every moment has its desire and knowing how to choose is one of the keys to being a more attractive man

Try to use a good cologne

Smelling good and being noticed is something that will make people around you see you much more attractive. If you appear clean and also perfumed (but without going overboard), and also take care of your appearance, women and anyone who treats you will feel more attracted to you.

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Invest in at least two perfumes, one for everyday life and one for special occasions. And if you don’t know where to start or what perfume to choose, we’ll tell you how to choose and use the best cologne for men

Have clear ideas in your life

Although we have said that being humble will make you more attractive, you will also achieve it by having clear ideas of what you want to do with your life, or how you want to live it.

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If you show security in what you think and say and also live accordingly with it, you will look sincere and also much more attractive.

Show yourself vulnerable

Although you are a determined man and with clear ideas, you can also have your most vulnerable part. Nobody finds attractive a man who always shows himself as a leader or with the reason for everything he says, thinks and does.

To err is wise and to be vulnerable is brave so you have to think that only a real man can admit that maybe his plan didn’t work, but at least you had one.

Tell others how attractive or interesting they are

Did you know that a really quick way to point out your charm to someone is to highlight that of others? When you point out good qualities in another person, they will instantly do the same to you.

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It’s okay to say that another person is attractive, beautiful or interesting. That does not make you less than that person, quite the opposite. Showing what you feel will make other people empathize with you and that, inevitably, will make you more attractive.

Don’t brag about your money

Men who always end up talking about what they own and how much they earn, or their bank account, may also look like movie stars on the surface, but they are ugly on the inside.

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In fact, it seems like a lot of insecurity instead of a charm. Maybe there are women out there who see it as a project to fix to get you smiling again, or other women who will be happy to help you spend your millions, but are actually attracted to you for the wrong reason. This is a superficial victory.

Be optimistic

Although it is very important for your mental health to be able to express your complaints and talk about anything that worries you, surrounding yourself with too much pessimism can be toxic, not only for your own well-being, but for anyone close to you.

Seeing things from the bright side or recognizing what is wrong and thinking about how to change it, is much more attractive than complaining all day. As Monty Pythons said, always look on the bright side of things.

Bet on clothing that makes you feel safe

A man who is confident in his clothing is much more attractive than someone who follows all the rules of good style but is not comfortable with what he is wearing.

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What you wear should not only reflect your ability to follow various trends and the fact that you have money to spend, but also your personality. Follow the fashion but find your personal style. It’s much more attractive to do so.

If you need advice, do not hesitate to hire a personal shopper or ask a stylist for advice. Investing in clothes and your style is investing in you, in your personal brand. Your image and your appearance is the first thing that everyone will see, the better it is, the better impression they will get. Keep an eye on your business card and make it shine as much as possible.

Don’t go overboard with the gym

Many men think that the only way to look attractive is to have a body full of muscles. The truth is that it is one thing to want to be fit and toned, and quite another to pretend to be a meaningless “Terminator”, especially when perhaps you think that you are not doing it for fun or because you like it.

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Build more brain muscle and personality before physical, but don’t forget to get some exercise and eat healthy too.

Learn that you are not the center of the universe

A man who appreciates the desires and needs of others, and the fact that they are not as easy to fulfill as they are for him, is more than attractive. Understanding, compassion and the desire to change things to the maximum? If you behave in such a way that you value those around you, they will always see you as more attractive and something much more important: a good person.

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