The haircuts and hairstyles of Fernando Torres

The last few days we have been talking about the style and hairstyle of some of the new television stars of the moment and although it could be concluded that all of them do not vary much in their hairstyle and style, the truth is that when it comes to talking about soccer players we can already talk about changes and constant image changes.

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Fernando Torres is a clear example of what we say. The Liverpool player has been nicknamed “El Niño” since its inception but the truth is that he has left behind his youthful image to give way to more and more successful outfits and haircuts.

Fernando Torres hairstyles

We all know Fernando Torres, one of the most outstanding Spanish footballers of recent years, the author, for example, of the goal that gave Spain the Eurocup against Germany. But besides being a great soccer player, Fernando Torres is an icon in men’s fashion, and that’s why today we’re going to see some of his best-known hairstyles and haircuts.

Although in his beginnings Torres was distinguished by a fairly simple hairstyle, with short hair and his natural blonde, in recent times we sometimes see him with crested hair and he even dares with golden streaks.

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In any case, we have seen him with long hair, with spiky hair, with bangs, with the aforementioned crest, with shaved hair, etc… and that they make him constantly change his image something similar to what he succeeds David Beckham, “master” in changing the style for all soccer players.

One of the best times in Fernando Torres’ career was lived at Liverpool, where he became one of the best forwards in Europe, an important goalscorer with Spain and one of the world’s soccer idols. At Atlético de Madrid he was already known nationally and was considered one of the great pearls of Europe, but it was the Premier League that saw him grow as a star at a European and world level. Torres has always been one of the footballers with the most media coverage in England, especially thanks to his time at Liverpool in which we could see him with the following look, in which he highlighted a medium length of hair held up with a ribbon.

Later Fernando Torres signed for Chelsea and also went through Milan. Ballasted by some injuries, they were not the best seasons for the player from Fuenlabrada, although he was always important in the decisive matches, both for his clubs and for the Spanish team. Fernando also evolved in his hairstyles, never leaving aside that look of a good boy mixed with a badass girl that has always worked for him. He wore different looks around this time here in his “good boy” side with shorter hair.

The last stage in Fernando Torres’ career has been his return to his beloved Atlético de Madrid, where he once again met Cholo Simeone, this time as coach. Torres seems to be living a second youth at Atlético where he continues to be important despite the great competition he has up front. And, of course, she remains one of the league’s trendsetters when it comes to fashion and hairstyles, and her look continues to stir up passion wherever she goes. Currently we can see him with the haircut with a very marked side parting and side bangs that has become so fashionable.

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Fernando Torres haircuts in 2018

Fernando Torres haircuts in 2018 – Highlights and bangs

Fernando Torres’s haircuts in 2018 have been as he has accustomed us throughout his career. El Niño has always been a daring footballer when it comes to choosing a look. The world of highlights has been with him since he was a juvenile of Atlético de Madrid and the reality is that we do not know if he is brown, redheaded, blond, dark-haired or has multicolored hair. Of course, this season he started it with a haircut that was too risky for everything. Blonde highlights are a pass. The smiling pose and the thumbs up are also forgiven but the bangs hurt.

And that bang is worthy of María Teresa Campos, presenting an afternoon program on TVE in the 80s. Do you hold it with hairspray? No wonder the ozone layer is shivering. There is no one who holds that bang with less than five boats. Also, the moment Woody Woody tells you that he likes your hair, you have to rethink everything.

Fernando Torres haircuts in 2018 – XL highlights and bangs

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Not content with wearing bangs throughout the fields of all of Spain and Europe (Atlético de Madrid ended up losing in the Champions League semifinals against Real Madrid, after eliminating Leicester and Bayern Leverkusen), he left it even longer. Note that the tip of it reaches his nose and yes, it is still dyed. Luckily for the youth, this hairstyle did not catch on as much among his fans as David Beckham’s double ponytail did in his day. They are different concepts.

Even so, Fernando Torres doesn’t look bad. We are used to seeing him in this way and with the boyish face that he still has, there is no look that can resist him, as Fernando Torres’ haircuts in 2018 demonstrate. By the way, El Niño is already a big 33-year-old man and father of three little ones (Nora, Leo and Elsa)

Fernando Torres haircuts in 2018 – Highlights, long hair and ribbon

This look was a complete return to its origins. In Fernando Torres haircuts in 2018, there was a glorious return to the past. Specifically, the one that raised him to the football altars with a Liverpool in which he amazed the world.

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It was the year in which he closed his move to Chelsea, for 58.5 million dollars, becoming the Spanish footballer for whom the most has been paid in history. Thus, he surpassed Gaizka Mendieta (2002) for whom Lazio paid 48 million euros and Juan Mata, for whom Manchester United paid 45 million to Valencia. All of them will be surpassed by the more than foreseeable move from Álvaro Morata to Manchester United. A signing that is moving around 73 million euros, to break all records.

Going back to Fernando Torres’ hair, these highlights with medium length, parting in the middle and a black rubber band to hold it are tops. Very 10 years old, but this one is one of those that sets the trend.

Fernando Torres haircuts in 2018 – Shaved, highlights and recombed

And in those that spring arrived and Fernando Torres’s haircuts entered the present day. The first one that was made, the one that said goodbye to his long hair, was the one worn by 90% of footballers today. Shaved at 1 on the sides and top combed with hair gel and to one side. And the wicks. If El Niño already looks younger with any look, aim for youthful with this one.

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It was the haircut with which he reached the figure of 100 goals with Atlético de Madrid. It was the haircut with which he said goodbye to a Vicente Calderón who is now history. Fernando Torres’s next haircut in 2018 will be at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Fernando Torres haircuts in 2018 – Shaved and restyled

And suddenly, Fernando Torres got older. But very well done. She just said goodbye to the highlights and combed her hair a little more, raising her bangs a little more. It is the typical look that a father wears to his children’s school, so that they show off as a handsome father. On top of that, seeing him on the street, he wears much more than short. And it is that Fernando Torres’s haircuts in 2018 look better with elegant clothes. The Atlético de Madrid uniform is tremendous but we wouldn’t choose it for a gala dinner.

Fernando Torres haircuts in 2018 – Shaved and restyled with bangs

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And a few days after falling in love again with Fernando Torres, he appears with the reviled bangs of María Teresa Campos. Of course, at least this time without highlights and not so long, but what was the need? With how handsome you were with the last look. Good thing Fernando Torres changes his hairstyle more than Zayn Malik’s best haircuts and hairstyles, and we knew he wasn’t going to last long.

Fernando Torres haircuts in 2018 – Shaved and combed back

Hello, how are you? I’m Fernando Torres and I’m hypermuscling. We are used to soccer players not gaining a lot of muscle volume, because they lose speed. Therefore, the majority, with some honorable exceptions (a greeting to Carles Puyol and Cristiano Ronaldo), most opt ​​for fiber, rather than muscle.

In the case of Fernando Torres, we see how his most recent haircut of 2018 is accompanied by an increase in his considerable muscle mass. High shaved at 2, with millennial bangs and I forgive your life look. Very much like a fruit shampoo ad, but changing the moans for a tribute to Blue Steel from Zoolander. We really like this naughty version of Fernando Torres. Let’s not forget that, no matter how many millions he has earned, he has Fuenlabreña blood. Being badass is in his genes.

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Here we leave you with a photo gallery of all Fernando Torres’s hairstyles:

Fernando Torres photo gallery

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Fernando Torres video

In the following video you can see some of the best goals in Fernando Torres’ career, as well as see some of the many looks he has worn throughout his career:

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